Saturday, June 7, 2014

presentation: French jewellery Marielle from Maa Bijoux

Hello Marielle,
Very nice work,  what drew you to making jewellery ?

I always knew I wanted to do a hand-work. So I made an "art appliqué" BAC degree followed by 5 years of fine art.
A "chance of life" has made me discover the world of jewelery in a massana school in Barcelona (Spain).

What can yo utell us about your creations ?
Each Maä jewel is entirely handcrafted with the utmost care and lots of love!
Maä jewels are made in small series ; nevertheless each jewel is unique, marked with small imperfections that make their charm...

Where does your inspiration come from ?
I draw my inspiration from the delicacy of nature; the gesture of a flower, the outline of a cloud, the memory of a grain of sand, the aroma of the night, the elegance of imperfection

How do you promote your brand ?
For me the better promotion for Maä bijoux is a word-of-mouth, for that I try to offer the best "Service after sale" and the best quality product I can!
Because if a client is happy he can bring you lots of new customers
Otherwise I use facebook but I have to make progress!!!

Any word of advice to new designers ?
The better advice I can give is: calculate the price of your items accurately. 
This is the classic mistake of a beginner, the prices are boring and often pass in segond plane... but are vital for the survival of a creative business!

Perhaps if you like jewelry the better place to go is Munich when the "Schmuck fair" first week (normaly in february) one week with a lot of jewelry exhibition in all a city...
The first time I went, I was selected to contest "schmuck tallent" and it was awesome. 

Visit a city thanks to exhibitions everywhere, it was great (the weather was good, it helps!)

The jewellery creation  I prefer from your collections is "Mini Oxidised silver stacking ring with a 5 mm peridotcabochon" .
I like the irregular crimp, the simplicity and the fineness form !

If you'd like to see more of Marielles' jewellery creations, please visit her website

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