Monday, April 19, 2010

featured - Ice dreams

Featured product of the day on Dawanda
Ice Dreams was born from very thin sterling silver wire with rock crystal gesmtones, inspired by melting ice cubes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dotty blue ring

A new addition to the Dotty range of jewellery, with the Dotty ring

This cute little ring is 2 mm wide, with a flat sterling silver band, that has a satin textured finish.
It features 3 little dots of turquoise cabochons, that are the perfect complement to the Dotty blue earrings.
Ideal to wear everyday, this hand crafted band is available at

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April Fool

Time to try winning some jewelry, curtesy of Skepti,

a little bit more about this creative:
Since a very young age my primary interests have been the natural sciences and art.
They are intimately connected in everything I do.
I have studied Fine Arts and Philosophy.

My goals:
-Get a degree in the History and Philosophy of Science.
-Learn to make my own furniture.
-Get a sewing machine.
-Do most of my traveling by bike.
-See the fossils starting from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
-See all the plants listed in the Flore Laurentienne by Frère Marie-Victorin (founder of the Montreal Botanical Gardens).

I read voraciously, I do botanical photography, collect antique botanical illustrations, have a rather large indoor flora, and more recently have been making jewelry using vintage and recycled parts here on Etsy!

I have 3 men in my life: my amazing boyfriend and two adorable boy rats adopted from the SPCA.

I reduce, re-use and recycle - in that order!

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