Monday, July 11, 2016

Handmade chainmaille and metal stamped jewellery by Destai Designs

Victoria Sol designs Handmade chainmaille and metal stamped jewellery from her shop
in Brighton, England.

Aluminium Cuff Bracelet

Hello Victoria, tell us about your creative journey:

I have always been a creative person. When I was young, I wanted to be an actor. Later I found myself discovering music. Starting at age 16 my world revolved around writing songs. I still write music and lyrics. But all the way through this, I have also enjoyed crafting. Because unlike arts so abstract and ethereal as acting and music, crafts have a tangible product. At the end of the process, there is a real life thing in front of you. I like that.

Through the years I have played with paper, thread, wood, clay and other media, but when I finally started becoming more focused I decided I would try my hand at macramé. My friend taught me how to make friendship bracelets, and that was it. I was in love with the craft.

Since this initial magical moment I have experimented with many different ways of making jewellery. I have played with wire. I have indulged my love for beads and semi precious stones. And I have discovered chainmaille.


Brass Chain Braceket

What is Chainmaille ?

Chainmaille is the technique of fitting many small rings together to create larger items. I use both tiny, small and larger rings to construct shapes and patterns, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, earrings and other pieces. It takes a lot of patience, but I can lose myself in the craft, which makes time fly by.

Which is your favourite piece of mine ?

Oh, you have so many pretties!! I think my favourite one of yours is this one: Eleni Ring in sterling silver

Do you use other techniques apart from chainmaille ?
I also do a little bit of metal stamping. I discovered this while idly browsing online, and it was an immediate thought of "I must do this!" I'm still learning little tips and tricks about it, and it's so versatile! It goes really well with my chainmaille as well.
Rainbow key ring

What materials do you use ?
I use many different materials, such as jewellery grade aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze, and even industrial grade rubber! The aluminium and rubber come in all the colours of the rainbow and some extra, so the possibilities are endless.

Where can we find you ?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hand dyed Loophole and Perran yarns by SixSkeins

SixSkeins: Luxurious hand dyed Perran Yarns & womens accessories

I always wonder how people make their own yarns. It is quite fascinating. Let's meet.Steph who is multi tasking as
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator, Photography, Shipping, ... and Tea-Making.
and a full-time mum and part-time IT professional who loves to be surrounded by yarn. 

Sixskeins dye their own wool, creating their own beautiful colours.

Self taught, Steph learnt to dye yarns when she couldn't find the colour blends and yarn bases she wanted here in the UK for her own projects. 

Her bag always contains a small knitting or crochet project, ready to make use of any free minutes, plus a notepad to jot down new colourways and designs!

Now she is thrilled to be one of many indie yarn dyers, each with their own slightly different results.
These Perran Yarns are her tribute to living near Perranporth on the beautiful south-west coast of Cornwall, England which is frequently the inspiration for her colourways.

For example, the cut  yarns above are a mix carefully selected from her huge personal stash and include a wide variety of textures and fibres. 

A need for supersoft non-itchy yarns to wear against sensitive skin means that Steph chooses only the softest base yarns to dye; you will often find blends of cashmere and silk in her stock. She dyes in small batches in her home kitchen, and keep a dye recipe book so colourways are as repeatable as hand-dyeing gets.

Click to know more about SixSkeins

Monday, June 20, 2016

a treasure Throve of creations with Kim from KimshandmadeCave

A treasure Throve of creations with Kim from KimshandmadeCave

Hand embroidery, textiles and jewellery 

Let's discover all the things the creative Kim likes to make. 

Hello Kim, do you like crafting ?
Crafting is my hobby so you can be sure when buying things in my shop that love and care has gone into them and that you will be getting a personal and individual item. 

Stag head embroidery

Do you have a special space to create ?
I do all my crafting from home, usually in the corner of my living room :) just need a bit more space for my expanding collection!!

 I notice you use some nice retro fabrics, what is your favourite material ?

I love to use fabric and other items that other people no longer want so the majority of my items are made from reclaimed and recycled material or unwanted remnants. 
This means that many of them are one of a kind and will not be repeated, ensuring you are being something very special and individual.


Do you have another passion ?
I am also very lucky to have a full time job that I love, as a research scientist which keeps me very busy during the working week :)

Where else can we follow what you do ?
Click to go to my Shop.

Follow me here: 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weaver feature with SpinningStreak

SpinningStreak is a weaver who provides us with

Hand knitted handspun - soft, original, classic or fun , in her own words.

Who are you ?
My name is Susan. I belong to the Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers and have been spinning away for over 20 years. 
Where do you live ?
I live partly in England in a city by the sea and partly in rural France, so plenty of inspiration for colours. And yes, I do speak French too :)
As a French girl myself, I am definitely drawn to berets. Susan has a few in her shop and this one is adorned with a red flower that give it a good mood vibe.
A touche of a little Je ne sais quoi of course, and definitely French Chic .
Beret, wool, embellished with large flower pin corsage hand knit shades of orange red 
Tell us about your process:
 I love the surprise element of dyeing - I tend to use professional quality acid dyes in England and a wide range of natural plant material in France.
 find her lovely yarns and creations here.

and follow her updates

Monday, June 6, 2016

a moment with DayZ creator of Cheeky Geeky Accessories

CheekyGeeky :Geeky & Upcycled desk accessories, jewellery & gifts

Based in Birmingham UK, Dayz has an interest in finding out how things work.
This angle on life has earnt her the title of geek on many occasion by many different people. This used to bother her until she started a job where everyone was one to some degree and felt right at home!

Then she met a bunch of crafting anoraks that helped her bring it all into perspective. Lets celebrate our special love of all things geek!

these cufflinks are great for retro and music lovers

music tape cufflinks

She creates :Geeky cufflinks, tie pins, earrings, bookmarks, coasters for gamers, cyclists, skaters, sci-fi nerds, music fans, yarn addicts & lovers of upcycling.

All items of geekery on sale in her shop will be made to order just for you and are available here..

whar about this great glass coaster ?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Nature Inspired Jewelry, Necklaces & Brooches by :Laura

Laura creates Nature Inspired Jewelry, Necklaces & Brooches 

From Loughborough, in England, Laure makes Vintage Inspired Handmade Jewellery, Butterflies, Birds, Alice In Wonderland, Wizard Of Oz and Nautical Necklaces, Brooches and Earrings.

She started crafting jewellery for friends and family,  mainly made pieces which she thought suited their personalities. Glad she is now selling them online too.

Because I like foxes, I like this original coin purse
and my love of vintage is fulfilled by this butterfly jewellery set.

Treat yourself, it is shopping time !LaurasJewellery

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Monday, May 23, 2016

designer focus - Chloe from Cariad Clay Ceramics

spotlight on Chloe, a talented ceramist located in Wales, Uk
making Ceramic Bowls, Plates, Magnets and Unique Art Tiles 

The word Cariad is Welsh for love, beloved, sweetheart or darling and is derived from the Latin word carus, which means love or loved one
The Name has a history that goes deep into Welsh legend, It is believed that derivations of the word have been used in many celtic languages to express affection.

  I noticed  these lovely and colourful magnets which will look gorgeous in any kitchen 

ceramic magnets by Ceriadclay

and this lovely plate, which colour reminds me of tropical and exotic seas.

you can find her items in her online ceramic boutique

My facebook is

And my twitter is!/CariadClay

Enjoy  and get tempted !

Monday, May 16, 2016

So British !! TWINKKNITS Tea cozy

A little voyage to discover TWINKKNITS

Who makes Tea cozy, knitting patterns, earwarmers and  mug cozy 
 I have to admit that I am a little bit of a fan . These tea cosies are so fun and kitsch and ... so quintescentially British ! We do not hav ethem in France. They also make me think of one of the poeple in GoggleBox, who alway shave amazing ones too. Maybe she buys them in this shop ?

Here are my favs:

and also 

all knitted in York by Nicola

In addition you will find also ear warmers, doilies, gloves and hats  in her shop
and you can follow Nicola’s tweets at @TWINKKNITS.
Enjoy !


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