Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I found a geek ... in her own words

Here is Cate, she is addicted to metal.

"Before I moved to Atlanta, I was a volunteer firefighter and search and rescue specialist. I had a real reason to spent hours hiking in the woods training with my K9. I love the woods and nature. Thanks to a deeply ingrained gallows humor, I really like the occasional odd or dark thing.

After moving to Atlanta, I found myself with lots of free time and discovered a wonderful studio near my house that would let me fill in the gap of the tools and knowledge I do not yet have. I tend to work a little every night in my own studio (spare bedroom) and go buy an hour or two at the local studio every so often.

I love metalwork, and really love copper. It is so warm and yielding. I love the concept of being about to paint it with flames (yes, I know the scientific reason it reacts, but it's so much cooler to say flame painting!) and I love combining it with other materials like sterling and steel.

I still have a day job--database administrator--and metalsmithing is my escape back from the empty world of data. I sometimes drive myself crazy by thinking about the fact that what I do all day is manipulate stuff that doesn't exist. Think about it. All the data out there is simply little on and off charges on a metal platter. I think I feel a need to do something *real* and that's what drives me to the very real and tactile world of metalsmithing."

"Yes, I am a geek. My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory and my favorite game is Warcraft, in which I am a miner and get to smelt metal while fighting evildoers.

I'm also very proud to like rainbow items ;)
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I use a variety of high quality items to make my treasures. My taste runs to the organic and funky side of things, and you'll find that most of my jewelry reflects that. I use sterling and fine silver, copper, brass, gemstones, steel, and other cool stuff."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

handwritten notes?

Do people still write handwritten notes to each one another, they'd better because this stationery is the most wonderful and tasteful I have seen in a long time.
Here is what the designer says:

My work is designed to be something that one person gives to another. I'm lucky to have a craft that has a personal role in people's lives, and that can so easily become a part of the story of people's lives together. Gifts are imbued with all sorts of symbolic significance in every culture, and I'm always interested in the stories that people tell me about how they've used my cards -- who it was for, why they picked that particular card, why it touches them in some special way. Giving a handmade card is an act of intimacy since it is touched by very few hands-- the hands of the maker, the sender, the recipient. Being its creator allows me a role in a beautiful ritual.

It feels good to be the recipient of hand-written correspondence: no matter what the occasion -- there's a strong emotional connection during the moments of anticipation, and when it is held and read; the mystery of what's inside the envelope, wondering what prompted someone to stop everything else in their life and focus for a few minutes on writing this note. Your full attention for a few minutes is a very special kind of gift to another person, in a hand-written note that moment becomes frozen in time.

A handwritten note and its words can be touched by both sender and receiver and is always intimate; a handcrafted card is one that is created with these things in mind, and it is very likely the only one of its kind. Its maker sculpts the card from paper and other elements into a montage that is simultaneously an act of self-expression awaiting an act of overlaying it with new meaning in the giving from sender to receiver and used for one, specific moment in time.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

great illustrations and more, from Montreal

A multitalented artistm from Montreal:Her name is Valérie Parizeault and she is a Canadian Illustrator & designer from Montreal. I am also the owner of Rose Flash, Playfully spirited Jewelry (, a graphic designer AND an art teacher. I live a very busy life! C'est la vie!

Inspired by whimsical moments, children’s universes, friendship and mignonneries, I am truly living my dream life as an artist with my husband-cherie by my side and my black cat Tokyo (nicknamed minou) on my keyboard. Also, I am:

- A Treehugger, a chocolate passionate, a coffee conoisseur (I've work several years as a Prima barista), a French Canadian, a daydreamer, a wannabe yoga wiz (not there yet!), a good cook...

I love: Feist & Coral Egan (singers), reading really late, antiques of all sorts(I collect them), all things graphic design-related, especially typo, shoes, graphic patterns, blogging and taking pictures.

she dislikes: the word hate, electronic cords, talking on the phone, the smell of celeri, waiting in line, beer, over talkers and drama queens.


Time to commission new pieces:)

Channel settings

hard work...
One whole day for these 2 rings but well worth it and lots of fun

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