Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A moment with Doodlemoo

who are you, How did you get started, what do you make ?

We are Emily and Chris, an illustrator/graphic designer and an artist/illustrator.
We got started when Chris did some really cool sketches that I then worked up into illustrations. We both got really inspired by each other.
The stuff we make is colourful and playful designs, mainly for children but sometimes for adults too. We started with a number of prints but are looking to develop other products too.
We have been doodling most of our lives and that’s where our name comes from with the ‘moo' - fun touch. Hence our business name

What/who inspires you ?

We get inspired by lots of different things, such as typography, fine art, Japanese illustration and contemporary cartoons.
I Emi loves contemporary art, Matisse, Paul Klee, characters we grew up with like Miffi, Astroboy, Japanese manga, David Shrigley, Friends with you, Saul Bass...so many favourites!….while I, Chris loves graphic artists like Tom Gauld and Stephen Collins and fine artists like Philip Guston or William Scott.

Your favourite pieces and materials…

Our favourite piece has to be our very first, which is the dinosaur series. They are very special to us, as we developed it after our first son was born and painted his whole bedroom in the designs. The Alphabet is also a favourite as we had so much fun making it, developing the characters and putting them together with the cool typefaces.

As a child, what did  you want to be when you grow up ?

I (Emi) wanted to be an astronaut for a long time…. (Chris) I was obsessed with fossils for a while so wanted to be an archeologist but I changed my mind a lot back then!

Any special promos...

There’s currently £5 off any purchase on our site 

Favourite jewellery pieces   

WHITE GOLD RING with PAVE diamonds

Favourite place to visit in the UK?

One of my favourite places in London has to be the Southbank, there are always interesting things going on for all tastes. I love the great festivals that are organised there especially, for kids and parents

Discover more about Doodlemoo :
website www.doodlemoo.com
Twitter @Doodlemoo

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Say it out loud, by Melissa Henderson

​Travelling to Sweden ? You will be able to see
Say It Out Loud! a monument by  Melissa Henderson, 2015, 6 m x 0.35 m, steel, paint, gravel, grass

Say It Out Loud! 
by Melissa Henderson
Open ART 2015 
Örebro, Sweden
14 June - 6 September

Say It Out Loud! is a monument for the open society, the multiplicity of voices, the power and importance of words and art for democracy. 5 enlargements of pens are erected at Olof Palme's square outside the city library in Örebro, Sweden. The square is an architectural in-between space between buildings and people and the first forms of democracy used it as a meeting place. In numerous squares around the world are monuments of power, kings and warlords. Instead of representing power Say It Out Loud! are pillars of the shared. Perhaps one can claim that how rich and free the art and cultural life of a country is, is a measurement of how healthy and civilized it is. Lately in Sweden, threats have been made towards individuals who have expressed themselves publicly and this reminds us of how fragile the democratic structure is. It is through continued defence of the ideals of an open society we can protect democracy. It should not be dangerous to make one's voice heard, to investigate our complex world, question ethics and ideals, express that which makes us similar and different, so Say It Out Loud!

Friday, May 29, 2015

A moment with Eliane Strasser, Jewellery Designer

Who are you, how did you get started, what do you make?
My name is Eliane Strasser. I am French (and Swiss), born in the suburb of Paris, but I grew up in different part of France and abroad. I am a jewellery designer and I love creating individual pieces using fine silver precious metal clay with a story behind the piece.

Who are your creations for?
My creations are for mainly private clients and corporate for now. I would love to design a collection for boutiques and galleries.

How long have you been creating?
I’ve always been curious, loving exploring diverse creative activities when I was young from drawing to painting. I got really into the creative side when I started an evening course in 2009 and learn about jewellery designs and making costume jewellery with beads. However I discovered years after precious metal clay which I love and decided to create my own designs and using fine silver precious metal clay for making pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings…and pieces on commission with a story behind.

What/who inspires you?
From my travels, people that I met, paints, history and culture. I got inspired by shapes, colours and nature.

Your favourite pieces and materials...

I love creating specials pieces with a story behind.
“My client wanted a piece to recall heady memories of gold mining in Alaska and of conquering the most remote of lofty Indonesian volcanoes, both of which were activities that his partner and himself had undertaken as a family-free couple.

The resultant piece incorporated Alaskan gold nuggets collected on their travels into a silver mountain form complete with sterling silver chain.”

Any advice for budding designers?
Find what you are best at doing and focus.  

Any special promos...
A free surprise gift with a commission piece

Favourite jewellery piece
I love the Volutes etched silver open bangle. Beautiful piece handmade by Catherine Marche.

Favourite  place to visit in the UK ?
A superb grade building to visit is Salts Mill in Saltaire in West Yorkshire. It is an art gallery, shopping and restaurant complex. The art gallery is fantastic, from paints to books, jewellery, exhibitions you can spend hours visiting this inspiring and relaxing place. 

Thanks Eliane, 
See her creations and Follow Eliane Strasser on
twitter: @ElianeStrasser

Sunday, May 17, 2015

GATEWAYS exhibition with Justine Formentelli

Colours, travels and inspiration to wander...
Island Hopping, Greece.

GATEWAYS: Paintings  inspired by traveling...
Private view this coming tuesday from 6:30pm to 9pm 
341 King's road. London SW3 5ES.

I hope you can join me on the opening night. If you are not able to make it but still would like to see the works, the exhibition is continuing until May 31st. It is open everyday except for sunday from 10am to 6pm. 

Happy viewing!



The call to Prayer. Marrakech, Morocco
The far away shores of Japan. 
Collecting the blues. Hydra. Greece.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Interview with designer Sarah Burghard

Let me introduce you to a talented deigner:
Sarah Burghard of Sarah Burghard Designs  

who are you, How did you get started, what do you make ?

I am a Textile Designer creating bespoke interior furnishings designed to reflect my client’s unique story and identity. The textiles are placed onto products such as lampshades, cushions, and upholstered furniture 

who are your creations for ?
I supply with Boutique Hotels, Interior Designers, business environments and private clients.

How long have you been creating ?
I’ve always made things since I was a child. I retrained when my children reached school age and worked freelance for a few years before launching my business officially in October 2014 at The Independent Hotel Show

What/who inspires you ?
I’m inspired by fine artists such as Louise Borgeois for her use of textiles and memories and Jenny Saville for her beautiful use of paint and texture. 
I’m influenced by colour masters such as Rothko and Joseph Albers and grew up admiring great designers such as Tricia Guild and Terrance Conran. 
More recently i have discovered the brilliant styling work of Sibella Court. 
I aspire to emulate those who have successfully set up and built a creative or design business from scratch as I’m in awe of their determination, drive and their skills to make their vision a reality.

Your favourite pieces and materials…
I love drawing and writing with inks onto all sorts of papers and tissues also printing by hand on to all sorts of fabrics such as hessian, cotton, antique lace, denim and leather. 
These hand made designs are then reproduced digitally to create bespoke textile designs which incorporate everyday objects such as letters, postcards, archive materials and mapping.

Any advice for budding designers ?
Find your niche and combine your creative mind with your business brain

Any special promos...
This month Sarah is delighted to be featuring in The Stroud International Textiles Open Studio Event and Exhibition during May 2015

As a child, what did  you want to be when you grow up ?
An actress, which I achieved as I worked in Theatre, TV & Commercials for over 10 years before having my children. I bring this interest in character and story into my design work.

Favourite jewellery piece
I LOVE This piece - it’s not hard to see why !!! 
It’s now on my Christmas list….GORGEOUS….



Favourite restaurant or place to visit in the UK  and why?
My favourite place to visit is any bric a brac shop or market. I love discovering an item that has a history that triggers the starting point for a design. 
For eating and drinking, it has to be my local pub The Woolpack, where Laurie Lee set the novel Cider With Rosie.
I am very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place. Slad Valley has breathtaking views and the pub is simply a great place to eat and drink….

Thank you Sarah,

Come see her work, and follow her at:

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