Friday, May 29, 2015

A moment with Eliane Strasser, Jewellery Designer

Who are you, how did you get started, what do you make?
My name is Eliane Strasser. I am French (and Swiss), born in the suburb of Paris, but I grew up in different part of France and abroad. I am a jewellery designer and I love creating individual pieces using fine silver precious metal clay with a story behind the piece.

Who are your creations for?
My creations are for mainly private clients and corporate for now. I would love to design a collection for boutiques and galleries.

How long have you been creating?
I’ve always been curious, loving exploring diverse creative activities when I was young from drawing to painting. I got really into the creative side when I started an evening course in 2009 and learn about jewellery designs and making costume jewellery with beads. However I discovered years after precious metal clay which I love and decided to create my own designs and using fine silver precious metal clay for making pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings…and pieces on commission with a story behind.

What/who inspires you?
From my travels, people that I met, paints, history and culture. I got inspired by shapes, colours and nature.

Your favourite pieces and materials...

I love creating specials pieces with a story behind.
“My client wanted a piece to recall heady memories of gold mining in Alaska and of conquering the most remote of lofty Indonesian volcanoes, both of which were activities that his partner and himself had undertaken as a family-free couple.

The resultant piece incorporated Alaskan gold nuggets collected on their travels into a silver mountain form complete with sterling silver chain.”

Any advice for budding designers?
Find what you are best at doing and focus.  

Any special promos...
A free surprise gift with a commission piece

Favourite jewellery piece
I love the Volutes etched silver open bangle. Beautiful piece handmade by Catherine Marche.

Favourite  place to visit in the UK ?
A superb grade building to visit is Salts Mill in Saltaire in West Yorkshire. It is an art gallery, shopping and restaurant complex. The art gallery is fantastic, from paints to books, jewellery, exhibitions you can spend hours visiting this inspiring and relaxing place. 

Thanks Eliane, 
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