Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Sapphire

My latest lovely little goodie:
A green sapphire gemstone
I think it will become a ring... unless you have another suggestion ?

Enjoy !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Designer focus : Meet Annymay

Anny May is a fashion designer who is fascinated by handmade articles.
"I have a studio at home where I create clothes and accessories of all kinds. I particularly like to work with eco friendly fibers (recycled fabrics and organic fibers).

I'm a French Canadian artist who lives in a beautiful old house in a small village by the St-Lawrence River a few miles away from Quebec City, Canada. To discover my studio:

I don't want to over-exploit our planet. Fashion, for me, is a way of expressing himself. Every person is unique and the handmade clothes reveal our personality in a unique way!

I like to use my creativity to produce clothes and accessories which respect the environment. "

Thanks Anny

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gemstones - smoky quartz

Smokey Quartz is said to alleviate stress and transform fear, anger and other negative emotions into positive energies, thus having a comforting and calming effect. It is also said to provide clarity of thought, improve intuition and enhance survival instincts, and to stimulate higher awareness in meditative states. It is also a gem believed to increase fertility, help remove toxins from the body, and aid in proper functioning of the kidneys

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fashion designer with Jersey

A few months ago, I met a really fab fashion designer.
Her name is Coral Turner and we spent hours talking about everything French, and a few minutes about Fashion and jewellery of course. She provide an exclusive service and wonderul pieces made with jersey fabric featuring her prints.

As I am also a fashion illustrator, we toyed with the idea of a collaboration.

Tonight, while attending a business meeting, What a surprise !
One of the guests turned out to be no other than Coral.
This time, in addition to have a wee chat about France, she perused one of my sketch books and we may get a little project together...

In the meantime I am posting my favourite pieces from her latest collections.
These collections bear daring names such as Glamour and Prohibition.
As you will see, the style is daring, sexy, colourful and comfortable.

I selected the Cat woman top, featuring animal print - bang on trend and ideal for every day. I love the mad sleeves and the beige tone that goes with every thing from jeans to short leather skirt with high boots for a Barbarella look.

And for the evening, I would love to make an entrance wearing the stylishly vibrant Xanadu dress. Sue to be a talking point ...the dress, not me... mind you.
Wonderful warm colours, a mix of flower power Austin Powers meet Eartha Kitt. Long slender line to make my legs look even longer. Just what I need.

With a fully equipped studio, Coral Turner is the designer and producer, responsible for all aspects of the creative process: from concept through to finished design including fabric selection, testing, fitting construction and production. A ready-to-wear collection of exclusive designs for women, that cross over from day to evening effortlessly, are available for purchase and can be viewed at her on-line boutique.

Coral Turner Couture has a growing group of female clients who lead busy active lives and are based throughout the UK and abroad. The preference is for distinctive detail and exclusivity, their garments are an acutely important medium of self expression, Coral Turner provides a more personalised way of dressing.
The studio is based in London.
To visit the Coral Turner Couture website, just click here and be amazed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jye as in JolieJye

At the etsy Community, there are many French speaking designers . One of them, Julie, another Parisienne like me, has started a brand called Jye , I really like her Cocotte earrings
• How did you get started ?

I've started crafting since I was young, I am a self-taught artist and I always enjoyed giving a second life to vintage, or creating with inspiration from the past.

• Who are your creations for ?

For women who enjoy being feminine, wearing high quality materials, and who wants to fight the actual comsuption society.

• How long have you been creating ?
I've started about 10 years ago.

• Are you a professional or is it a hobby ?
It was a hobby before being professional, creating is my passion and it became my work 5 years ago.

• What inspires you ?

I love the pin-ups and feminine atmosphere, especially vintage fabrics like silk or lace. I am also a big fan of the Japanese vintage fabrics, which were used for kimonos. For the moment I’m in the mood for making origami barrettes, brooches, and earrings with silk. I think the origami make enhances the fabric, it gives reflects and holding.

• Your favorite piece...

I love all of my creations, one day i prefer this one, another day this one... These are all my babies ! Today i prefer that one, my last headband made of silk, leather and vintage beads :

• Favorite materials...
Undoubtedly silk, then tulle, organza, Swarovski crystals, and cotton.

• Any advice for budding designers ?
Trust in your dreams !

• Any special promos...

My bridal necklaces are worldwide shipped for free :

To keep in touch with Julie and get to know her brand better
Blog :
Etsy shop :
ALM shop :
Twitter :!/joliejye
FB fan page :

Thanks Julie for taking the time to answer my questions.

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