Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jye as in JolieJye

At the etsy Community, there are many French speaking designers . One of them, Julie, another Parisienne like me, has started a brand called Jye , I really like her Cocotte earrings
• How did you get started ?

I've started crafting since I was young, I am a self-taught artist and I always enjoyed giving a second life to vintage, or creating with inspiration from the past.

• Who are your creations for ?

For women who enjoy being feminine, wearing high quality materials, and who wants to fight the actual comsuption society.

• How long have you been creating ?
I've started about 10 years ago.

• Are you a professional or is it a hobby ?
It was a hobby before being professional, creating is my passion and it became my work 5 years ago.

• What inspires you ?

I love the pin-ups and feminine atmosphere, especially vintage fabrics like silk or lace. I am also a big fan of the Japanese vintage fabrics, which were used for kimonos. For the moment I’m in the mood for making origami barrettes, brooches, and earrings with silk. I think the origami make enhances the fabric, it gives reflects and holding.

• Your favorite piece...

I love all of my creations, one day i prefer this one, another day this one... These are all my babies ! Today i prefer that one, my last headband made of silk, leather and vintage beads :

• Favorite materials...
Undoubtedly silk, then tulle, organza, Swarovski crystals, and cotton.

• Any advice for budding designers ?
Trust in your dreams !

• Any special promos...

My bridal necklaces are worldwide shipped for free :


To keep in touch with Julie and get to know her brand better
Blog : joliejye.blogspot.com
Etsy shop : www.etsy.com/shop/Joliejye
ALM shop : www.alittlemarket.com/boutique/joliejye
Twitter : twitter.com/#!/joliejye
FB fan page : www.facebook.com/jye.france

Thanks Julie for taking the time to answer my questions.

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Great interview! I like it. :-D

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