Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Entrevue with Monia Boubaker, painter

Monia Boubaker is an artist I came across selling her paintings on a French website, let's have a little interbiew with her and discover her creative process.

name of shop
Ô Clair De Lune
can you please introduce yourself   ?

I am Monia, I am French, 31 years old, and I live with my boyfriend in south west of France, in Bordeaux.

What is your business/craft and give a summary of your handmade process.

I paint on canvas, with acrylic paint and I always add pieces of fabrics, papers, or others materials that I collect where I can !
I can also customise a painting, for exemple working in the wanted colors, adding a name of a child, or a message, if it is for a present.
My little world is made of bright colors, a lot of dreams, travels, poetry.

What event, series of events, or situations allowed you to start your business and make money with your crafts?
For years, I used to do many jobs that I never liked, and I was painting only when I had time.
But at the end of last year, I realized that it was time to start my own project to finally do the thing I love the most : paint and make people dreaming with my paintings.

Where does your inspiration for your designs come from?

My inspiration comes from people, children I meet, my travels, the fabrics I find : all these colors, materials...my imagination do the rest !

How doe
s your culture, upbringing, and/or environment influence your designs/crafts?
The different countries where I lived, or went for holidays, inspired me a lot. I love meeting and talking with people who has a different way of life, different culture, I love travelling for that reason, and I am always thinking about travelling again or setting up somewhere, finally !

What are some of the ways you market and promote your business/Craft?
I use a lot internet to contact people, introduce myself and my artwork.
I talk a lot about it to people I meet, I always look around me, if I see a store that I really like, and where I can expose my paintings, I try to participate to differents markets...

Now, something different. FOOD ! What is your favorite recipe ?

I really like cooking and especially asian food. And as I love indian food, I would say : The Tikka Masala Chicken with a cheese naan of course ;)

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other crafters selling or looking to start selling their creations ?

I don't know what kind of advice I could give, because I am still at the beginning... But there is something that I can say : If you love create, if you know you will be more happy doing it, do not hesitate ! You should try and see how it goes.
There is a quotation that I remember : You have to choose between living your dreams or dreaming your life.
We shouldn't have any regret later, we just have one life, so do !!

Aside from running your business what are some of the fun things you like to do in life?

What I really like to do when I have free time is spending time with my boyfriend, I love travelling with him, I also like reading, seeing my friends, and doing horse riding (usually in holidays).
Petits coqs au clair de lune ... To know you better, The craziest thing you have done ?
When I decided a few years ago, to leave France to go to London without knowing anybody, with no job, no flat....
meet my boyfriend there, and six months later, move in with him in Barcelona, without kwowing any single spanish word !

Which place would you recommend to go to ?
It was my dream to go there, and I did it for the first time 2 years ago with my boyfriend : Bali ! A wonderful island, nice and kind people, beautiful landscapes, it is just a world apart. 
Your favourite designers / artists

I have so many !!! but I can already say : Anna Laura Cantone, Joann Sfar, Rebecca Dautremer, Lucie Georger.
Mini bague perle de culture en argent massif taille 57
Mini Bague perle de Culture

your favourite jewelry from me  

My favourite one is the small silver ring with the pearl « Mini bague perle de culture en argent massif » 

Visit her websites to see more and get your own

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