Sunday, March 16, 2008

in the press, Cuteable ,

A new feature, cuteable, A daily blog with posts on cute apparel, jewelry, toys, home decor and more!
showcasing my handmade 18K gold Night and Day ring with diamonds

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sorry - PMS

A brand new idea, fro people with a Great SOH.
Ever yelled at your family or significant other because you hurt so bad?
Ever thrown the remote control or possibly the cat at their face when they offered you ice cream?
Here's your way to say sorry!

These cards can be also made wuth your own words and pictures.

MAde by KAtie who says:

I'm a smalltime, jewelry, clothing and purse maker who wants to share her style with the world!
I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and every year I try to make it out to the surrounding Folk Festivals to sell my product. I've gone the last two years and really hope to make it out again in 2008!
I try to make my clothing and purses out of recycled materials. Anything from tablecloths, to pillowcases, to reused LP record covers. This not only gives my items a vintage feel, but it helps the environment, and what more do you need?

Macrame is all the rage

Now, an interview with Erika, the designer behind all the lovely items found in this shop

- How did you get started ?
I get started knotting when i was very young, watching the other girls braiding their scooby doo at school. Starting to braid my scooby doos on my own, i continued trying the japanese tecnique of kumihimo and the european chain mail, realizing a true iron chain mail for a role games player. Not much time ago i have a found an old book about chochet, sew and macrame, and now i'm in love with the macrame, because i consider it the king of all knotting arts.

- Where are you from?

I'm from Italy. I live in a city in the centre of the state, in a valley sorrounded by the Appennini mountains.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
Some, like the knotted bracelets, are unique, and some are "limited edition", knowing that the general shape can be the same, but there are some differences between the items that make unique every object i made ^^

- How long have you been doing it?
One year...i have discovered my artistic side quite late and i have so much to learn!

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
This is only a beautiful hobby for helps me to have the mind free from problems.

- What inspires you?
I don't know ^^ I can answer that all inspires me...a chat with my friends, a song...i have a lot of ideas, and i can't make all with macrame! I have an exercise book where i write the patterns and the ideas that now i can't realize for a future use.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?
My favourite piece is Gabriel, the tiny earring angel. Soon i will realize the pendant and other earrings with other colors' beads!

- How do you promote your work?
I have opened a lot of blogs, and i'm trying to promote the others shops to promote the mine ^^ Karma tells us to give before receiving ^^

- Where are you showing your work?
I show my work in my DaWanda shop , in my english blog and in my italian blog ...I have also other blogs, but these are the my favourite blogs.

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
To be patient and to have more items to show ^^ i have learned this on my own.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?

The same above ^^

- anything else you'd like to add?
I'm searching other macrame artists...i want to make up-to-date this art: my idea is to stop with the lace of our grandma! ^^

So if any of you is a macrame addict and wants to discuss their art, do contact her.
Her blog

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Simply Said...

"Sarah Orton is a graphic design student in North Carolina. Her flair for design stems from a lifelong interest in crafts and her pieces demonstrate a fun spin on a contemporary sense of style. Encouraged by the requests she’d begun to receive from fellow employees and friends, Sarah decided to combine her creativity with her business sense, and Simply Said by Sarah was born. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, and is sure to add a tasteful touch of originality to your home!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

celtic goddess

A shop full of jewelry with a celtic feel
from tiaras to bracelets... and even some handmade mushrooms made of wool

please visit

about the owner:
Celtic Goddess Jewelry was started in early 2001, and has been selling on etsy for 2 years and counting! My name is Andee Harston, a Buddhist pagan living in the Orlando area. I sell celtic and pagan inspired jewelry, art and bath and body products.

Art has always been prevalent in my life. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, make bath and body products and most recently, photography. I am influenced by spiritual learning, nature, goddess and celtic imagery. I identify very strongly with my celtic heritage.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Indigo Luna - or Blue Moon

Meet Rachel Kitterman, an art addict.
primary passion is fabric and she has been making art quilts and dolls for over a decade now.
a love of paper, altered art, mixed-media, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, artist books, photography...pretty much, if it will hold still, she'll make art out of it.

For all things geeky, nerdy, goth and quirky, visit her other shop

She also writes on her blog at

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love Spell

Ever wished your dreams could just come true?
They might just happen with a bit of help and magic :)
I present here a love spell by Summer sea Herbs

With many years experience as a medical Herbalist, and many more as a practicing Green witch, all her products are made with great care and skill.

Whether you want a delicious tea or need an incense blend to assist in magical workings, you can be confident that she has taken great care in blending your item. All her medicinal and magical formulas are tried and true, developed from the personal needs of her community over the years.

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