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Interview with a jewellery designer - Priscilla Idunn

Meet Priscilla Idunn Bijoux who has acvcepted to take us through a journey into her creativity.

Hello Priscilla, would you like to introduce yourself ?
    Hi, my name is Priscilla. I am a French girl who went to study in Spain in 2008 and never made it back home. I do not generally consider myself an impulsive person, since I prefer to weigh the consequences of my actions, but I do like challenges, new things and specially moving out of my comfort zone. Perhaps deep inside I have an adventurous soul.
Since last November, I have a little online shop, Idunn Bijoux, which is growing by the day and represents for me a way of working with my emotions and transmitting them as far as possible to every potential buyer who visits my shop.

Egyptian Blue Necklace - Nefertari (Metal/Enamelling/Gold)

What do you create ?

  I am handcrafting pieces of jewellery and my specialty is creating them by combining very small beads, Miyuki and Toho delicas. To work this material I need a long needle and nylon thread, both intended specifically for this kind of work.

How did you get started ?
  I always liked creating objects, since I was a child I have handcrafted decoration elements, key rings, bracelets, and also customized others that I already had such as lamps, T-shirts… But a couple of years ago I went to a costume jewellery workshop organized in my neighbourhood to “try something different” and I learnt the beading technique. At that moment I really began creating all kinds of pieces of jewellery, also using cotton or leather cords. When I had about fifty different items, I thought that I could take advantage of my hobby and I looked for a name, a logo, an image for my brand.

What is your source of inspiration ?
   As my shop’s name clearly indicates my first source of inspiration was Norse mythology. More specifically my “muse” is the goddess Idunn, guardian of the golden apples which are the source of the gods’ eternal youth and beauty.
Now I seek for inspiration in the latest trends and in my own mythical and mysterious world, and I try hard to give a different and unique touch to every new craft I create.

  I have always felt very attracted to mythology in general, being it roman, egyptian, greek or norse. In fact I had to write a paper about this last when I was in high school. This interest for antiquity comes from my mother, whom I always remember during my childhood watching documentaries and reading books about these topics. Hence my main inspiration source for my crafts.
Moreover, in my family creative expression has always been something very patent for me, since my grandfather used to paint with watercolours and ink, and my mother, aunt and cousin are all great drawers, who unfortunately have never taken advantage of their talent. My grandmother was also a very good seamstress and thanks to her I can sew and crochet.
I think that thanks to my shop and the creative community in which I am involved, I achieved to transmit my values and this is why I give the utmost importance to every little thing that I craft, since they are an expression and a reflection of what I actually am deep inside.

 Charleston Gold Necklace (1920/Delicas/Beads/Gold/Fringes)

How do you promote your work ?
 I think that one of the best ways to promote my handcrafted pieces is having contact with people. One should not be afraid of spending hour after hour in social networks, blog and of course also using the forums and community available in the selling platform that you use, since most sellers are also buyers.
Moreover, it is essential to value your work. Being creative is a job as any other, you spend hours working on a hand painted bowl or, as it is my case, beading with a needle, thread and tiny 1mm beads. Do not let people look at you the way they look a child doing a macaroni necklace for mother’s day. We are talented and our work deserves recognition.

Any favouite food ?
 I do not have one favourite recipe, but I love cuisine made with love. I think my taste changes depending on the season. For example during the summer I love these original salads that you make with anything fresh and colourful that you find in the fridge. Summer is also the perfect season for ice cream. I have to admit that I do have my favourites as hazelnut or pistachio, but I also try new flavours.

Any advice for new designers ?
      Based on my experience, the best advice I can give to some creative person who is starting with e-commerce is to take it easy and above all, do not underestimate the need of a marketing action plan. What I mean is that we are all human, and we only have 24 hours a day, so it is impossible to take on everything in a few days: creating, photography, new listings with descriptions, community management… so, do not rush and be patient.
By the need of a marketing action plan I mean that you really need to think over who your customer is, his/her age, what does he/she do, what does he/she read, etc… you need to make a  profile to know where to find him/her and how to attract his/her interest towards your product.
The last thing to consider is that you have to be very concise and think over very well your shop policies. This will save you a great deal of bad surprises in case of loss of an order or of customer’s dissatisfaction.

 When not creating, what do you do ?- Apart from my creative activity, I like very much going to the movies, spending time with my friends or reading books. I also love travelling and walking around new places, and tasting local food everywhere I go. I am also a great music fan, I always need to have a radio, a cd player or an mp3 nearby, I usually listen to songs in Spotify while I am working on my pieces of jewellery.

Peacock Kidney Earrings (Blue, Green, Bronze)
The craziest thing you have done ?
.       I think that the first thing I talked about was probably one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life. Deciding to stay and live and work in a country where I was alone, without family or a job, or any experience to know how things work here. It was quite a crazy decision, but it has been the best I made in my life, since all the things I have been through in Spain and the people I have met here have made me who I am today: a full, responsible, adventurous, creative, loving, passionate person.

Any PLaces you love ?.       I think that if there is someplace I should recommend among the many I like, it should be the Dordogne, in France. There are so many beautiful and interesting things to visit in that region that you would need several weeks to see them all. Medieval castles, caves with paintings, canoe rides in the river, charming cities, natural parks… This is a place I loved as a teen and that I continue loving 15 years later.

Words of wisdom.       Never think as a small shop, you need to think as a big business and plan absolutely everything. You need to think on logistics, packaging, to calculate your prices in a professional way… All these things are what make your potential customer to see that he/she can trust you, your products and your policies.
Also, as I said before, it is really important to know your target customer, to understand what he/she does or reads, to be able to attract his/her attention and to make him/her choose to buy in your shop.

Any favourite artist ?       I have to admit that I might not have any favourite designer or artist. I like discovering and watching what other creative people do, and I am always surprised by the imagination some of them show. Also if I can afford it, I love buying pieces from independent artists because I know that they have a story of their own and they have been made with so much love and effort.

13. Her favourite item  are these earrings:
Green peridot sterling silver ear studs
Volutes Earrings with Peridot gemstones - sterling silver and 18K gold

Priscilla says : "I love this stone and I believe they are very beautiful and original."

14. To enjoy her jewelry creations, please visit the following

Saturday, June 7, 2014

presentation: French jewellery Marielle from Maa Bijoux

Hello Marielle,
Very nice work,  what drew you to making jewellery ?

I always knew I wanted to do a hand-work. So I made an "art appliqué" BAC degree followed by 5 years of fine art.
A "chance of life" has made me discover the world of jewelery in a massana school in Barcelona (Spain).

What can yo utell us about your creations ?
Each Maä jewel is entirely handcrafted with the utmost care and lots of love!
Maä jewels are made in small series ; nevertheless each jewel is unique, marked with small imperfections that make their charm...

Where does your inspiration come from ?
I draw my inspiration from the delicacy of nature; the gesture of a flower, the outline of a cloud, the memory of a grain of sand, the aroma of the night, the elegance of imperfection

How do you promote your brand ?
For me the better promotion for Maä bijoux is a word-of-mouth, for that I try to offer the best "Service after sale" and the best quality product I can!
Because if a client is happy he can bring you lots of new customers
Otherwise I use facebook but I have to make progress!!!

Any word of advice to new designers ?
The better advice I can give is: calculate the price of your items accurately. 
This is the classic mistake of a beginner, the prices are boring and often pass in segond plane... but are vital for the survival of a creative business!

Perhaps if you like jewelry the better place to go is Munich when the "Schmuck fair" first week (normaly in february) one week with a lot of jewelry exhibition in all a city...
The first time I went, I was selected to contest "schmuck tallent" and it was awesome. 

Visit a city thanks to exhibitions everywhere, it was great (the weather was good, it helps!)

The jewellery creation  I prefer from your collections is "Mini Oxidised silver stacking ring with a 5 mm peridotcabochon" .
I like the irregular crimp, the simplicity and the fineness form !

If you'd like to see more of Marielles' jewellery creations, please visit her website

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Entrevue with Monia Boubaker, painter

Monia Boubaker is an artist I came across selling her paintings on a French website, let's have a little interbiew with her and discover her creative process.

name of shop
Ô Clair De Lune
can you please introduce yourself   ?

I am Monia, I am French, 31 years old, and I live with my boyfriend in south west of France, in Bordeaux.

What is your business/craft and give a summary of your handmade process.

I paint on canvas, with acrylic paint and I always add pieces of fabrics, papers, or others materials that I collect where I can !
I can also customise a painting, for exemple working in the wanted colors, adding a name of a child, or a message, if it is for a present.
My little world is made of bright colors, a lot of dreams, travels, poetry.

What event, series of events, or situations allowed you to start your business and make money with your crafts?
For years, I used to do many jobs that I never liked, and I was painting only when I had time.
But at the end of last year, I realized that it was time to start my own project to finally do the thing I love the most : paint and make people dreaming with my paintings.

Where does your inspiration for your designs come from?

My inspiration comes from people, children I meet, my travels, the fabrics I find : all these colors, imagination do the rest !

How doe
s your culture, upbringing, and/or environment influence your designs/crafts?
The different countries where I lived, or went for holidays, inspired me a lot. I love meeting and talking with people who has a different way of life, different culture, I love travelling for that reason, and I am always thinking about travelling again or setting up somewhere, finally !

What are some of the ways you market and promote your business/Craft?
I use a lot internet to contact people, introduce myself and my artwork.
I talk a lot about it to people I meet, I always look around me, if I see a store that I really like, and where I can expose my paintings, I try to participate to differents markets...

Now, something different. FOOD ! What is your favorite recipe ?

I really like cooking and especially asian food. And as I love indian food, I would say : The Tikka Masala Chicken with a cheese naan of course ;)

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other crafters selling or looking to start selling their creations ?

I don't know what kind of advice I could give, because I am still at the beginning... But there is something that I can say : If you love create, if you know you will be more happy doing it, do not hesitate ! You should try and see how it goes.
There is a quotation that I remember : You have to choose between living your dreams or dreaming your life.
We shouldn't have any regret later, we just have one life, so do !!

Aside from running your business what are some of the fun things you like to do in life?

What I really like to do when I have free time is spending time with my boyfriend, I love travelling with him, I also like reading, seeing my friends, and doing horse riding (usually in holidays).
Petits coqs au clair de lune ... To know you better, The craziest thing you have done ?
When I decided a few years ago, to leave France to go to London without knowing anybody, with no job, no flat....
meet my boyfriend there, and six months later, move in with him in Barcelona, without kwowing any single spanish word !

Which place would you recommend to go to ?
It was my dream to go there, and I did it for the first time 2 years ago with my boyfriend : Bali ! A wonderful island, nice and kind people, beautiful landscapes, it is just a world apart. 
Your favourite designers / artists

I have so many !!! but I can already say : Anna Laura Cantone, Joann Sfar, Rebecca Dautremer, Lucie Georger.
Mini bague perle de culture en argent massif taille 57
Mini Bague perle de Culture

your favourite jewelry from me  

My favourite one is the small silver ring with the pearl « Mini bague perle de culture en argent massif » 

Visit her websites to see more and get your own

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Les Bijoux Ofelyne

Porter un bijou de créateur, c’est la marque de votre identité, c’est aussi la possibilité de personnaliser votre bijou ou même de le faire fabriquer selon votre inspiration. Sophistiqués ou décontractés, classiques ou branchés, colorés ou discrets, les bijoux OFELYNE exprimeront votre style dans une multitude de couleurs et de matières. 

 Collier vert grappe de perles MAGALIE
OFELYNE vous propose des bijoux modernes et raffinés, tendances ou indémodables. Les bijoux OFELYNE sont réalisés en pièce unique ou en petite série .

Son site est mis à jour régulièrement avec de nouvelles créations : n’hésitez pas à venir le consulter régulièrement pour les découvrir. Retrouvez Ofelyne également sur facebook, sa boutique et sur son site internet

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Amazing Pillows

With the emphasis on individuality, it is always great fun to have many comfy pillows.
Here is Amazing Pillows who makes trendy, individual cushions for your home, for people who are looking for an alternative to department stores and chains.

Coussin original vert kaki avec moustaches dorés
You can find her creations on internet on , her Facebook page is

She is French and says "Vous recherchez un coussin de décoration pour personnaliser votre intérieur? Marre des coussins basiques des grands magasins?
Vous êtes au bon endroit!

Dans ma boutique, vous trouverez des coussins originaux, tendances et décalés.
Ils peuvent tous être modifiés selon vos goûts et vos envies...

Afin de vous tenir au courant des nouveautés, n'hésitez pas à me rajouter à vos créateurs favoris.

Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez également visiter le site internet et la page Facebook

Bonne visite!"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet a Wonderful artist - Gail Miller

The Point Being?
The point Being © Gail Miller mixed media; Acrylic inks, watercolour, artists' permanent black marker pen
Gail Milller: Her artwork is quite amazing: full of life and colors, with figurative elements, treated in an abstract expressionist way.
The syle is modern, colourful and sometimes thought provoking.

What inspires you ?
"I have a fascination with colour and fluid, expressive shapes and line, which are evident in my explorations. I paint with gusto and passion each time I begin a new work and I always marvel at the unlimited opportunities available to me for discovery and personal expression. Each piece I create has boundless energy and movement, bright colour and interesting line work. My style could be described as surreal, outsider, art brut, lowbrow, primitive, hipster .... or just plain weird! "

Where can we find your work ?
" My work hangs in private collections all around the world including countries such as Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Israel, Germany, France, Canada, The USA, as well as all over the UK."

I have exhibited in; Dock Gallery, Goole ~ Goole Museum ~ Pink Gallery, Helensburgh ~ Burlington Gallery, Bridlington ~ Gallery 49, Bridlington ~ Christo's Gallery, Glasgow ~ Whitby Galleries, Whitby ~ Priory Gallery, Bridlington ~ Vibrant Arts, Stow on the Wold ~ Seasalt & Passion, Bridlington, The Spa Theatre Gallery ~ Bridlington, Triton Gallery ~ Sledmere.
Muse © Gail Miller

Has you work been published ?
"I have also been featured in several publications, including Picture Business, Hull Daily Mail Culture Supplement, Prestige Lifestyle, and Artist & Illustrator."

You can see, follow and collect Gail's artworks  at
and on her

Thank you Gail and looking forward to see more creations.

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