Friday, March 3, 2017

rencontre with Vero of Singuliere Elegance

Vero is a French creative with multiple interests and talents,

The love of a job well done

I attended an art school in Paris but I spent most of my life in south of France. I always have loved working with my hands. I started with drawing, painting, experimenting with collages, textures, colors and all kind of medium. I also love photography.

I agree with the idea that things made by hand have a life and a soul, because when you create something, first in your mind and then with your hands, it's a little bit of yourself you put in the objects you create.
Broderie papillon

Now, I create fashion accessories, bags and jewelry as well as Eco fashion (redesigned and vintage clothing. Altered Couture). My favorite materials are : leather, stone, glass, and metal. Follow fashion trends is not my thing, I rather follow my own inspiration of the moment. Even if I like the result, I never try to do twice the same object, this is why I only make one of a kind creations
where to find her creations

sa boutique alittlemarket
her Etsy shop Spirale rouge
Spirale rouge sur twitter 
Blog Mawades

Vero est une créatrice française qui vit en Thaïlande depuis quelques années. Elle crée des accessoires de mode et des vêtements originaux. Seulement des pièces uniques, faites à la main, par elle, de la conception à la touche finale. 
Belles matières et amour du travail bien fait caractérisent chacune de ses créations.

Robe chasuble grande taille

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