Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I found a geek ... in her own words

Here is Cate, she is addicted to metal.

"Before I moved to Atlanta, I was a volunteer firefighter and search and rescue specialist. I had a real reason to spent hours hiking in the woods training with my K9. I love the woods and nature. Thanks to a deeply ingrained gallows humor, I really like the occasional odd or dark thing.

After moving to Atlanta, I found myself with lots of free time and discovered a wonderful studio near my house that would let me fill in the gap of the tools and knowledge I do not yet have. I tend to work a little every night in my own studio (spare bedroom) and go buy an hour or two at the local studio every so often.

I love metalwork, and really love copper. It is so warm and yielding. I love the concept of being about to paint it with flames (yes, I know the scientific reason it reacts, but it's so much cooler to say flame painting!) and I love combining it with other materials like sterling and steel.

I still have a day job--database administrator--and metalsmithing is my escape back from the empty world of data. I sometimes drive myself crazy by thinking about the fact that what I do all day is manipulate stuff that doesn't exist. Think about it. All the data out there is simply little on and off charges on a metal platter. I think I feel a need to do something *real* and that's what drives me to the very real and tactile world of metalsmithing."

"Yes, I am a geek. My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory and my favorite game is Warcraft, in which I am a miner and get to smelt metal while fighting evildoers.

I'm also very proud to like rainbow items ;)
Visit her shop
I use a variety of high quality items to make my treasures. My taste runs to the organic and funky side of things, and you'll find that most of my jewelry reflects that. I use sterling and fine silver, copper, brass, gemstones, steel, and other cool stuff."


Alorinna said...

Thank you so much hon! You know I absolutely love your work.

This geek just got accepted as an artist at Dragon*Con! So I'm a very, very happy girl at the moment! :)

Anonymous said...

tell us how we can see your work at dragon*con


Fenridal said...

See Please Here

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