Monday, May 23, 2016

designer focus - Chloe from Cariad Clay Ceramics

spotlight on Chloe, a talented ceramist located in Wales, Uk
making Ceramic Bowls, Plates, Magnets and Unique Art Tiles 

The word Cariad is Welsh for love, beloved, sweetheart or darling and is derived from the Latin word carus, which means love or loved one
The Name has a history that goes deep into Welsh legend, It is believed that derivations of the word have been used in many celtic languages to express affection.

  I noticed  these lovely and colourful magnets which will look gorgeous in any kitchen 

ceramic magnets by Ceriadclay

and this lovely plate, which colour reminds me of tropical and exotic seas.

you can find her items in her online ceramic boutique

My facebook is

And my twitter is!/CariadClay

Enjoy  and get tempted !

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