Friday, December 14, 2007

Sharing your heart between Koln and Brazil

To be Brazilian
Living in a tropical paradise
surrounded by stimulating colors and brightness.
Keeping alive the joy and spontaneity of a child.
CONTASBRASIL wants to bring the unique feeling of living in Brazil to every corner of the world.
Exotic, joyful and irresistible.
Impossible not to be enchanted
by the colors and shapes of Brazil.

Also available, funky Doll bags.

ContasBrasil - more than just jewelry

Since 2005, the brazilian Suzy Wortberg designs in Cologne custom jewelry together with two artists from her native country, Bebê de Soares and Ana Vilas Boas. Brazil meets Europe. Where different cultures meet, ideas spring up. Contrasts produce exciting new concepts. Jewelry is the expression of personality. Thus all ContasBrasil products are handmade, unique pieces, developed with a taste for things special. Inspired by the Brazilian light, it's many-sided culture and the countless riches of the Brazilian soil. Motivated by the desire of bringing people the unique feeling of life in Brazil.
and definitely, she manages to do so .

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Cryztalvisions said...

Great feature. I love their funky purses.

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