Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pennydog: handmade costume jewellery made from resin

Who are you and where do you come from?
I'm Kerry and I'm originally from East Yorkshire, but I have been living in
Leicestershire for over 4 years now, when I moved to go to university. I
live with my boyfriend of 5 years and our greyhound, Penny, whom my business
is named after.

Please tell us a little about what you make.
I make jewellery with resin, some unique, some replicable, but all with an
aim to appeal to a wide range of people, rather than a lot of resin
jewellery that you can buy that looks cheap and tacky. I also dabble a
little in photography, but haven't had time to indulge since graduating from
my course.

What do you enjoy making most?
I like making the ice range, it's simple to do and requires no sanding!

What are your main inspirations?
I take inspiration with anything I find. This time of year is great- I pick
up colourful leaves, acorns, feathers, seeds, all sorts really. I love the
colours and details in vintage and retro style fabrics too, I can't resist
them and use them in my retro range.

What are you currently making?
Loads! I have some swirled colour bangles, some earrings with feathers in,
some candy corn pieces for an online contact, some sycamore seed and pretty
leaf pieces all to sand, my entry into the Etsy UK September challenge to
finish and a bit of polishing to do too! I also need to photograph a
tutorial for an article I have written for Crafts Beautiful Magazine.

Can you make custom orders?

Definitely. I have just agreed to make a necklace for a lady who wants me to
use a dried mushroom specimen in a similar way to my nature range.

Where can we buy your work?

At the moment and until 13th October, my work is for sale at Plush Jewellery in Chichester, and more stockists are to follow shortly.

I will also be at the Handm@de fair in Oxford on November 9th. Online I sell on , and

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pennydog said...

Thank you for blogging about me :D

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