Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discover SewnNatural

A little selection of her work

SewnNatural's green collection helps families pair sustainable eco design with mod, offbeat styling. This shop reflects the values and esthetic we use in our own lives: clean, simple modern lines, sustainable design that lasts and lasts, and the rainbow of colors that make us (and our babies) smile.

SewnNatural is 1 designer, long-time textile artist and mother/grand-mother + assisted by 1 potter, teacher, marketer, stay-at-home mom/daughter.

Everything is designed and handcrafted

The designer in the duo has always loved creating and designing with textiles, colour play and repurposing beautiful vintage fabrics. She designs and handcrafts each item with great care, using exclusively NATURAL FIBRES. Most materials are also organic, reclaimed, repurposed or recycled. Often vintage.

"As a young girl sitting next to my patient, loving grandmother learning to sew my first patchwork quilt on a summer's day, I fell in love with textiles. Their textures, feel, colours and shapes really touched me. I strive to introduce warmth, joy, color and comfort into our lives. My passion for designing with beautiful, natural textiles and experience creating wonderful, functional things for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren is reflected in each item.
You can see a real person in my work."

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