Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 50 Etsy moms

50 Best Etsy Moms

As reported on Babble.com

Etsy.com is a booming hub for artists all around the world to sell their handmade products, consequently creating a community bursting with creativity and ingenuity. It’s a place to find unique treasures that directly supports some of the most talented individuals and their crafts. Not surprisingly, many of these artists, dreamers, designers and builders are moms like us. They’re balancing the day-to-day parenting responsibilities — sometimes with another day job, sometimes as a single mom — while still squeezing in time for their growing business. (This is where naps and bed times come in handy.) And they’re not just doing it for the money; they’re utilizing this creative outlet while teaching
their children the value of artistry, resourcefulness and determination.
We sifted through thousands of these talented moms to find our favorite 50 of the bunch. (Not an easy feat, you can imagine.) What we love about Etsy moms is the fact that, besides being exceptionally talented and busy, they all create products inspired by a mother’s own needs and wants. That’s why so many of these shops feature affordable, safe and stylish alternatives inspired by motherhood.
Although our picks span dozens of different categories, cultures and time zones, there were overwhelming similarities between the moms. The vast majority described their skills and insatiable need to create as being passed down through the family tree — one generation patiently teaching the next. Even more similarly, each and every one — whether they’ve been crafting for 3 or 30 years — pinpointed their children as inspiration. Often it was the desire to work from home while raising the kids; sometimes a need for better, safer products for their children; and many times it was a dream resurrected from the innocent imagination unfolding before them. Regardless, these moms are all motivated by their children, who in turn will be inspired by their mothers.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to find every talented Etsy mom, so we encourage you to share your favorites and, of course, support these striking talents.

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