Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's meet a talented illustrator, Megan from Studiomme

1. What is your business/craft and give a summary of your handmade process.
Studio MME is a quirky illustration business that sells prints of my highly-detailed pen and ink drawings.

2. What event, series of events, or situations allowed you to start your business and make money with your crafts?
My parents fully supported me earning degrees in art and creative writing but one stipulation they had was that I had to start a business before I graduated. And that's exactly what I did! I worked hard marketing my business and after I moved to San Jose with my boyfriend, I decided to turn my business into my part-time job. I also work as a freelance editor for other artists. Between the two jobs, I'm able to support myself!

3. What is your favorite design ?
"Coming Home" is undoubtedly my favorite since it's based on my favorite childhood book.

4. How does your culture, upbringing, and/or environment influence your designs/crafts?
When I was little, my father read Edward Gorey and Grimms' books to me. Needless to say, that love of fairy tales and Edwardian England has rubbed off on me.
5.. What are some of the ways you market and promote your business/Craft?
Oh goodness, there are so many. The biggest marketing push is through my mailing list but I also blog, Twitter, put special deals on Facebook, and do some really big shows in nearby San Francisco.

6. Do you use myspace, facebook, flickr, ning, or other social networking sites? If yes or no, why?
I only use Facebook and Twitter. Facebook I use only to notify people of sales, blog entries, and shows but Twitter is much more conversational. I get lots of ideas from other artists via chats on Twitter.

7. Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other crafters selling or looking to start selling their crafts?
It is SO much harder than anyone can convey but if you truly want to make a living from your work, you will. You just have to keep working and keep your intentions in the forefront. Why are you doing this? Why do you love your work? Why do you want to share it with others?

8. Aside from running your business what are some of the fun things you like to do in life?
I'm an avid cyclist, children's book reader, runner, writer, and crossword puzzler.

9. To visit her art and keep in touch,
Website - (contains the blog as well)
Facebook -
Twitter - @studiomme

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