Monday, March 2, 2009

Child of Privilege

I discovered Heather's work while looking for a present for my newly born niece.

Great products, elegant, well fisnihed and a nice change from the usual pink for girls, with even some brocade items.
Here she talks about her work for us:

My name is Heather and I create practical accessories for posh tots.
My site's are: &
My blog is:

I got started because I had my 3rd son and wanted unique and fashionable baby items that weren't covered in bears or trains or typical "baby" things. I made him a Shopping Cart Cover which led to me giving a few to people for baby shower gifts, they said I should sell them and before I knew it I had orders. I started selling word-of-mouth, then at Farmer's Markets, expanded my product line, and then on the web.

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California where I currently reside.

For most of my items I only make a few of each pattern, some only one. It depends on how much of the fabric I can obtain.

I have had my business for 2 years.

I grew up in a very artistic home, my parents created and sold woodcrafts at fairs. My grandma recognized and encouraged my interest in art by buying me top quality supplies from the time I was really small. We had no TV and were encouraged to create and experiment with all types of artistic mediums. I took various art classes whilst growing up but no sewing classes. I'm a self-taught "seamstress" through much trial and error. :) I like to say that this is my favorite hobby and people actually pay me for it.

I am inspired by what I would like for my son and by color combos and styles that I'm attracted to.

Right now, my favorite item is probably my Peppermint Dreams Mary Janes, they just make me feel happy.

I promote by word-of-mouth, Etsy forums, Neatostuff, Twitter, my blog, and Facebook.

I sell my items on Etsy, my site, my blog, and in the summer at the Lake Arrowhead Market Night. I'm also going to launch a home parties venture in mid January.

I don't really have a favorite material but my Serger definetly makes my life easier!

When I started out, I wish someone would have told me that I needed to spend roughly the same amount of time promoting my business as I did creating the items.

There's a wealth of great info on Etsy, I would advise reading as much as you can and implementing the ideas that work for you. Twitter has been a wonderful resource for me, but I try to limit my business promotions so that it's not one constant advertisement all the time.
All of my Hide N Peek Nursing covers are on sale right now!

Some days I feel VERY OLD and grown up, other days I enjoy being a kid with my kids.

There are SO many incredible jewelers on Etsy, I'm always amazed at the beautiful work I see displayed and one of these days I'll poke around a bit more. One that comes to mind is she creates these amazing pieces from Origami.

Right now Etsy is my favorite website, there's such a wealth of tremendously talented people and their creations.

Again, thank you so much! Your jewelry is beautiful by the way

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