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Get your invitations from Nickelsons

A new interview , Yeah  !
Can you please introduce your business ?

Nickelsons Invitations, Joanna McCartney
I studied art and design at college in Exeter, England and then decided to travel the world. I ended up marrying a handsome american fellow and set up home in California. After managing a stationery boutique for several years, I decided I should be doing what I was passionate about, design and embellishment. I founded Nickelsons Invitations in 2005.

What is your business/craft and give a summary of your handmade process.
Nickelsons Invitations works with clients to create unique and classic pieces of stationery, typically for weddings. Our process starts with a conversation with the client, to see if we can offer what they are looking for, the type of event, the style, the colours, the inspiration. From there we refine it down and carefully select colour pallettes, embellishments etc, then we present a small selection of designs for the client to choose from. Or, sometimes, the client simply wants a specific design and we go from there.

What event, series of events, or situations allowed you to start your business and make money with your crafts?
After I left work to have my baby, I realised it was time that I did what I loved to do, so during those first few months of newborn-hood, when the baby napped, I began working on designs. From there, it just seemed to evolve naturally.

Where does your inspiration for your designs come from?
I am addicted to the haute couture fashion world. I love attending fashoin shows, my favourite DVD is 'Chanel' (a documentary) I read many fashion magazines and blogs, and they inspire me to creat classic pieces of stationery.

How does your culture, upbringing, and/or environment influence your designs/crafts?
I grew up in a beautiful part of Devon, England and was fortunate enough to travel to some beautiful parts of the world as a child, france, spain, america, south america etc. Growing up seeing beautiful landscapes, clutures and especially architechture inspired me to love finding joy in items I found beautiful, and continues to inspire me when ever I travel.

What are some of the ways you market and promote your business/Craft?
I have been fortunate to have been selected for features in magazines for some of my designs, including Bride & Bloom, and Inside Weddings. I use my blog, and Etsy, and I advertise on wedding resources, such as The Knot and Google.

Now, something different. FOOD ! What is your favorite recipe ?
My favourite recipe? that changes! right now, I am obsessed with Jerk Chicken!
My passion for all things chocolate related never changes though. Oh yes, we have that in common, and I shall get some Jerk chicken again

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other crafters selling or looking to start selling their creations ?

I think its very important to try to keep re-investing your profits into your business - its very hard to balance this as a small business ownder, but your business needs promotion to grow, so advertising is key.

Aside from running your business what are some of the fun things you like to do in life?
Finding inspiration on a daily basis is very important to me.

to know you better, The craziest thing you have done ?
Craziest thing....married my husband after we had dated for 4 weeks. We just celebrated our twelth anniversary! That's amazing and so wonderful.Love at 1st sight...

Which place would you recommend to go to ?
I adore the hidden coves and beaches of Mallorca, and Paris is my favourite city, I can find inspiration on every street!

Your favourite designers / artistsMy favourite designer has to be Carl Lagerfeld. The man is a genius.

your favourite jewelry from me My favourite piece of Catherine Marche Jewelry is the Peridot Silver ring.

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