Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journee de la Femme - Women's Day

To celebrate Women's day on 08 March 2012
A few designers have played the game of defining themselves in a few words.
I'll briefly introduce you to these creative women:

Céline à gauche et Isabelle à droite -
Left : Céline and Isabelle to the right

Their shop/ leur boutique:

defined by 4 words: Family, Madness, Honesty and Curiosity
Famille, Folie, Honnêteté, Curiosité

Marie, of Kazamarie
in 4 words: Tenderness, garden, photos and Dreaming of Elsewhere
en 4 mots: Tendresse, jardin, photos et rêves d'ailleurs
Sa boutique/shop : KazamarieDesigns

Here is  Nancy, 
from Fleur du Luxe, 
a great day for boosting her creativity is defined by
"No phone, great music and sunshine"

Also, Florence Pyndris, whose shop is,
defined in 4 words: 
Black Chocolate in all states: tablet, mousse, melted, ice-cream..., 
Healthy cooking , light and strong in flavour
and Family. 

Florence, definie en 4 mots:    
Le fait-main 
le chocolat noir sous toutes ses formes : en tablette, en mousse, fondu, glacé  
la cuisine saine, legere mais forte en gout 
La famille

Lien boutique :

and Moi, Catherine
in 4 words: Love, jewels, chocolate and travelling
in 4 mots: amour, bijoux, chocolat et voyages.

Visit her shop of bespoke jewellery
Visitez sa boutique de

Bijoux sur mesure


Kazamarie said...

Super et un grand merci Kalicat ! ;-)
Bonne journée !

fleurduluxe said...

beautiful! Great post, Thanks

AnnyMay said...

Trop sympa de vous voir!
Bravo et bonne journée de la femme Catherine! :)

Isabelle L. said...

Thank you, Catherine!
J'aime nous découvrir comme ceci! Love!

myrustyhalos said...

Oh I'm looking forward to finding some new Etsy shops to browse :)

Thank you for linking up to the Love All Blogs Art and Design showcase.

Siobhan x

myrustyhalos said...

I'm looking forward to having a look at some new Etsy shops.

Thank you for linking up to the Love All Blogs Art and Design showcase.

Siobhan x

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