Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From Eva handmade with love

Here is a little blurb about Eva , who showcases her happy little creations. All made in the cute little studio that her amazing boyfriend built for her.
Nostasgic of the past, her creations evoque things from a long gone past and vintage.

~* Jewelry *~
All items are glass, stone, crystal, pearl or metal beads unless otherwise stated. The metals I use are: .925 Sterling Silver, Silver plated, silver-tone basemetal, gold-toned basemetal and surgical steel.

~* Sewn Crafts *~
All items are hand/machine sewn using quality fabrics and materials.

~* Bath Products *~
All products are made by hand in small batches. Only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils are used. Flavored items such as lipbalms will occasionally contain popular scents and flavors not achievable by all-natural methods, and so I will use natural-derived, food grade, man-made ingredients. I will ALWAYS state in an items description wether these are used.

~* Photography and Art *~
All photography is taken with either my wonderful digital or SLR camera in and around my hometown of Hanson, surrounding cities of south shore Massachusetts and while vacationing.

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