Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thanks to Grandma!

Ja ja ja, is a team of 2 sisters who enjoy sewing.
Ja Ja Ja makes fabulous, fabric purses and bags, from recycled, new, old and vintage fabrics. The bags are unique, one of a kind, and made very well. Each bag has its own history or story, which they will share with you.

The business was founded about seven years ago. Their grandmother had taught them to sew as they were growing up. Their clothes were always made at home. They both share a love of creating,designing,recycling,and unique fabrics.

They source fabrics from yard sales,estate sales,antique shows,thrift shops, Ebay, fabric stores and wonderful donations. Recycling used fabric and embellishments is very important to the creation of the bags, as ja ja ja enjoy giving new life to an old coat with stains and tears,

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