Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not far from Dali's Museum, an artist...

...called Mary Hamilton. She is a figurative artist working in watercolors. Her she is, talking about her and her artworks.

How did I get started - Ever since I remember I have been artistic, loved to draw and paint. Majored in Art in college, but needed to find work that paid a dependable salary, so I did not do art for a long time. It's funny, but something was definitely missing in my life that I didn't realize until I was able to take up painting again. In 1996, I started painting again in oils and eventually migrated to watercolors. I have consistently taken classes and workshops since that time, and I have been lucky enough to sell my paintings since then.

Where am I from - I live in the St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida area, but I am from Colorado and spend 3 months there every year.

Am I a professional artist or is this a hobby? I enter shows in the professional category, and I try to paint every day.

What inspires me - The natural beauty of God's creation, especially water (lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls) and the effect of light on the water. Sunrise and sunset. Babies of all kinds. Shore birds. Being around other artists. Books and magazines about art.

What is my favorite piece - Don't know that I have just one favorite. I like to see the kids adopted out into happy homes, and I like something about most all of them, or I will go back in and change them eventually.

How do I promote my work - Etsy is my favorite new tool. I also have my new blog and a website that needs revising as well as belonging to various guilds, one of which has a website. Entering shows also is promotion in a way.

Where am I showing my work - Locations in Florida: Grecko Grill in Madeira Beach, TST Title Company in Palm Harbor, Artists Guild Gallery in Holmes Beach are three long-term locations.
I show every year at the Glenwood Springs Fall Art Show in Glenwood Springs, CO and at the Alpine Artists Holiday in Ouray, CO. I will be at Also at Pioneer Park in Dunedin, FL on Nov. 24, Dec. 17, 2007 Jan. 26 and Feb. 23 2008, as well as other locations throughout the year (2008).

What is my favorite material - paint

Do I have any advice for fellow artists - Don't give up. Keep on painting. Paint what you love. Practice, practice practice. (Nothing new)

If I were an object I would be the sky

Thank you Mary for your time.

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