Monday, November 5, 2007

North Pole, not far from Santa the home of Kuddlesbugzthreadz.
If someone knows about Cold, it is Toni, the owner and mother of 16 months old (at the moment) twin girls! So, trust her as she will know how to keep your little ones warm, and in style.
Her items are practical, functional, and are made just for you!
What I like about her shop is that, for once, there is as many choices for little girls as little boys. Yes, I know... I do have 2 little boys, so my opinion is biased.

It gets VERY cold in the winter...-50 degrees F! The winters do get long, but it is absolutely breath taking up there in Alaska! The summer days are amazing with such long days!

Toni loves being a mom. How does she manage to handle a business and 2 little girls is a mystery, but in teh Land of elves and reeinderrs, everything is possible. She says "I never knew I had so much love in me until I became a mother! They are my so precious! "

And they are the inspiration for KuddleBugz Threadz! With the need in Fairbanks for warm baby items, Tony felt a tug at her heart to use her talents to help other mom's! Tori and Trista inspired the name "KuddleBugz", they are truly little kuddlebugz!

All products are made with the finest quality fabrics! Custom orders welcomed! Gift Certificates also available!

Don't see the size you need in her shop? No worries! Just contact her and she will be more than happy to make it in JUST YOUR SIZE!!!

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Phyllis said...

So interesting - you took the same elements and wrote a very different article. Very nice. Phyllis

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