Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In the Woods and Beyond

Bonjour to MaryAnn Anderson, artist extraordinaire.

- How did you get started ? I started BackwoodsCreations 2 years ago on a par ttime basis. I was painting and then one day made a cat. The lightbulb went on and just developed from there.

Are your creations seasonal? My fabric sculpted animals are year around creations. I also do fabric and mixed media collages as well as starting some fiber jewelry.

- How long have you been doing it? I have always been making something since I was a little girl. About 40 years experience in some form of sewing, painting and just generally putting stuff together that is either decorative or functional.
- Are you a professional or is this a hobby? This is now my fulltime occupation so it is my profession.
- What inspires you? I live in a very rural area in Maine. Outside of my window I can see a multitude of animals and plant life. When I see that the interconnectedness of nature and how we live and view ourselves and what is important to us is what is a big source of inspiration. There are so many layers of perception that can change on regular basis but those core values remain the same.
- How do you promote your business? Online I promote my business by blogging and flickr groups. I also participate in challenges like the 90 Features in 90 days that is happening on etsy. I am working on my own website to also sell off from. Though there are alot of tempting already established venues out there. I have almost finished a business plan that will help keep me focused and keep my business growing in the year 2008.

- Where are you showing/selling your work? I show and sell my work at a gallery in Skowhegan called Spiralworks. I have yet to move beyond that to other brick and morter stores. I will be pounding the pavement to change that after the holidays.

- What is your favorite product and why? Oh that is really difficult to say. Each has such a special meaning and place in my heart. They all are created individually so the personalities make each one special.

- Do you have any advice for fellow sellers ?
Really look at how much it costs to produce your items for time and materials and price appropriately. I think that alot of sellers, hobbyist or not, underprice their items.

- Will I get a discount or freebies?
I have put some kind of freebies in those boxes I ship to patrons who have bought several of my items all at once or someone who is a repeat customer.

- Any advice for looking fab?
Pictures! I am still working on my technique and do not take consistantly take a good picture. But pictures are so important. Nice tight shots of product at a different angles. I hate seeing a shot of an item surrounded by lots of space.

- Will it make my life easier and more stylish when using your products?
It may not make your life easier but definately more fulfilling and stylish. Plus some of my items I donate a percentage of the sales to charity of the month chosen by EFA (Etsy for Animals) so you would be helping a good cause.

- If you were an object, what would you be?
A tree so I could be with the birds, animals and the seasons.

- Anything else you'd like to add? Don't second guess yourself just do it. If it doesn't work try a different tactic to get the result you want. Don't put to much stock in what other people think or don't think of your stuff. Find your niche and go for it!

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Thanks for the lovely feature!

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