Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet Irie

Meet the brain behind Sweetirie, located in Pineland. What is the meaning of your shop's name?
Established in 2005, the Sweet Irie name came about from the newest addition to my family; my kitten, Irie.
Her name means, supreme joy; quite fitting! She is the light of my life and the inspiration for my jewelry, as she likes to help me work! Although I have to admit, she isn't much help! She loved to play with the jewelry and balls of hemp I once used; stringing it all over the house. Needless to say, she now has her own stash of 'toys' lying around.

What do you enjoy creating?
I have moved on from making hemp jewelry and create the beautiful handmade beaded designs you will see throughout this store. I do hope you enjoy!

The designer also loves custom work:
"I cater to your individual needs and will custom design any project right down to the color, size, and style of your beads. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority!! If you're not happy, I'm not happy!!" the shop

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