Sunday, November 11, 2007

Funky, Stylish and Unusual

Let's meet Amanda Giesler, a talented student from Canada.

- How did you get started ?
I've really been crafty my whole life ~ I remember stringing beads so that I could have a beaded curtain for my room. :) Then through high school friends and boy friend became a priority. It wasn't until my 3rd year of university that I started crafting again. I found a wiki tutorial for making notebooks, and I loved it!! Then I was inspired by a friends necklace ( / ) to make my button bracelets ~ and I haven't stopped since! She was also introduced me to Etsy and made me want to open up shop.

- Where are you from?
I'm from Verner, Ontario, Canada. This is a really small town, mostly french, and my parents own a tourist camp (now shut down) about 10 min out of town. So I grew up on around 100 acres of country / fields, on the river. It was great, but it really didn't offer me any opportunities to further my education (I'm a science geek), so I moved to Hamilton to go to McMaster for my second year of University. I'm now finishing up my 5th year (co-op program added on an extra year), writing my thesis and getting ready to do my Master's / PhD.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
All of my creations are one of a kind. I have a limited amount of paper, embellishments and buttons in any one colour or design, so I can't reproduce any of my items exactly the same.

- How long have you been doing it?

I've only been making bracelets and notebooks for a little over a year. When I was younger, I drew a lot, played with beads, made wreaths and dolls and such.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
This is really just a hobby ~ I'm a full time student and nerd. :P

- What inspires you?
My friend (, all of my supplies (beads, paper, embellishments) and random things, like the smell of coffee, the cloud in the sky or the play of light on water.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?
My favourite things change with my mood. But right now, my favourite item is "tip-toe through the tulips" chain and beaded bracelet (
). I spent quite a bit of time on this getting it just right, and it looks soooooo pretty on. I love how the chain makes soft music when you move. And the colours are just gorgeous!

- How do you promote your work?

Through my blog (, the forums occasionally (asking for trades),, and facebook on occasion, family and friends. I really need to promote more, but I'm so busy with school...

- Where are you showing your work?
My items are only for sale on etsy, though I try to post pictures on my blog, weloveetsy, indiepublic and facebook.

- What is your favorite material?
Beads, paper and buttons... they are all sooooo pretty.

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
I can't think of anything off the top of my head ~ I had a lot of good advice from my friend, from wiki and from the forums.. I knew I had to be patient and promote. I do wish promoting was less time consuming though... Oh, I wish I had learned about trading and contests sooner!

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?
Be patient and promote, promote, promote ~ oh, and take good pictures, that's key! Browse through the etsy forums for trades, games and contests ~ they're a great way to build your reputation and make friends!

- If you were an object, what would that be?
Probably a knife ~ I have a sharp sense of humor, and can be nasty if I'm in a bad mood ~ but I'm also very useful and multi-purpose.. I help people as much as I can.

- Anything else you'd like to add?
Not that I can think of... just that I love Etsy ~ it's such a great community. I'd also like to thank everyone who has given me the opportunity to participate (and win) in various contests!

- Her site:
- Her blog:


Lazy Cat Gifts said...

Hooray for Canada!
and I love the button bracelet.

Amanda said...

Oh WOW!!! Thanks!! :)

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