Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alaska Hot Doggies

Meet Jodi Hughes of Alaska Hot Doggies, located in (you may have guessed) Alaska, more precisely Anchorage.

Tell us about your home town...
Hometown: Chugiak, Alaska…can u pronounce that? When I was growing up, my family managed a church camp with a beautiful lake that looked a lot like Jason’s famous killing ground. The camp was 1 ½ miles from the nearest house on a dirt road thru the woods. There were dog trails that mushers trained on that crossed the road and cars had to yield to the dog teams.

Are you very young? I am 30 with a silent remainder of 9

Do you create all day? By day, I masquerade as Application Analyst for a large corporation. I take conference calls in my jammies and analyze code without even stepping out of the house! But in order to bring some originality into my world, away from the logical rules, I sneak away from the phone and emails to play in marbling goop! It calms my nerves and helps me feel creative. I get to color outside the lines, unlike my day job!

How did you first get started with crafts / artwork? I started with simple beading projects for myself…taking apart store purchased items and re-doing them more to my liking. My friend, Anthony, got me started shopping at thrift stores. I wanted comforter covers for the house in special colors and pre-made ones where just too expensive. When I was growing up, my mom had made me a customized comforter cover made from 2 sheets, so I did the same except I bought 2 used sheets, dyed them to my liking and stitched them together. TaDa!! Then I started dying everything! I made covers for the furniture, dyed clothes, curtains, EVERYTHING!! I dabbled in free form painting, mainly on clothes. Then I found Dharma Trading’s website with a cool starter kit for marbling. I can’t say that my 1st attempts turned out very well but for some reason I was determined to keep trying…and still am!

How long have you been crafting / making art? Decades…in one form or another. Most of the time my attempts at art never turned out very well. It took me a few years to find my niche.

How long have you been selling your crafts / artwork? Just opened my Etsy shop mid July of 07. This is my 1st attempt to sale my crafts. My family, friends and personal closet space is getting over stocked with my creations! Help me sell so I can continue to create!

What sorts of crafts / artwork do you sell ? I enjoy marbling the most. This last month, I’ve started moving away from regular clothes and moving towards unconvential textiles and other materials. I’ve been experimenting with wood, plastic & glass which have proved to be challenging. I’ve also started marbling different paper items. I recently marbled business card stock that turned out wonderful and really make my business card standout from most.

Which of your items is / was your favorite to make, and why? My favorite project so far has been a pair of Report Seattle sandals. These were a lot of fun to marble. I feel like the pics just don’t do the colors justice.

Another fav I have is a little silk purse. The colors really POPPED on this project.

Do you do custom work? I could. I haven’t any requests and haven’t advertised for that…just waiting for my 1st sale at this point.

Additional Venues? My work was sold at the local ‘Trapper Creek Festival’. I have blog pages & projects pics @
& & I’m in the process of writing an article for the IndiePublic library. This will be a basic introduction on marbling paper. The article will need to be approved by Indie Admin prior to posting. Please check back for status.

Are you a part of any of the Street Teams on Etsy? Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team.

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