Saturday, October 13, 2007

Plastic Pumpkin - such a misleading name ..

What do you first think of when you see this name?

Well, with Halloween around the corner, I think Big Orange Pumpkin.


I should have thought mainly of delicate Chinese brush paintings LOL

Ren Adams is an Artist located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).

He offers fun, philosophical, and intriguing artwork and crafts for the discerning (and playful) collector.

He works in quite a variety of mediums: mixed media assemblages, pencil, marker, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil pastel, pen & ink, etc. as he finds something special and engaging about each artistic method and takes every medium seriously.

For Ren, art is a state of mind and a fulfilling pathway.

He says "I can't NOT do it. I simply must. If I'm not drawing, painting, or otherwise expressing myself (however badly), I'm not in harmony with everything around me.Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window... it's pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light.I explore themes, people, and places that intrigue me..."

Also a Taoist, the artworks reflects his spiritual pathway (the art of compassion, simplicity, and patience).

This talented Taoist enjoys artists who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Check this blog:

also custom orders, so don't be afraid to ask! You can purchase some original or limited edition artworks here.

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