Sunday, October 28, 2007

Personal Treasures

Meet Phyllis Mufson Jewelry designer extraordinaire

- How did you get started ?
I've been 'arting' my whole life. An early memory is of sneaking into my holiday presents early because I heard one of my gifts was a coloring book - irresistible. I have a BFA and masters degrees in art and had a career as a textile artist before picking up a bead. My background in textiles influences how I design. I'm very concerned with drape and how the jewelry moves with the body.

- Where are you from? Currently Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born in Brooklyn and lived most of my adult life in San Francisco.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique? 95 percent are unique - one-of-a-kind, the rest are small limited editions. 5 is big for me.

- How long have you been doing it? I’ve been making jewelry about 3 years.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
This is a business that I do professionally, and I'm also self-employed (for 20+ years) as a career consultant and coach for creative people. My website for that is There’s more background on me at that site under the Profile section.

- What inspires you? I'm inspired by the stones I work with and the challenge of creating something fluid and flattering for someone to wear. I also really enjoy having a business and am inspired by the challenge of developing an online business. That’s new to me although I’ve been in business most of my life.

- What is your favorite piece and why? - What is your favorite material? I’m usually in love with whatever I just completed. I like designing and get excited by solving visual design problems. I went on a massive gem shopping spree to prepare for the holidays so I have lots of interesting new stones to work with in the weeks ahead.

- How do you promote your work? Where are you showing your work? In addition to ETSY I sell through trunk shows in people’s homes and offices and at a lovely boutique in Center City Philadelphia called Suzanne Roberts.

Well I'm new at the online store world, but I imagine that marketing basics are still valid. So, figure out who your ideal customer is (she's often someone a lot like you), know what she wants, what's important to her and how she likes to shop - and then deliver it. I'm still figuring this out for my stores.

Phyllis Mufson’s jewelry consists of one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces created in her Philadelphia studio. She carefully selects beautiful, unusual, semi-precious stones and pearls from gem dealers in Hong Kong, mainland China and India, and crafts them with sterling silver, gold-filled and vermeil beads to create each piece. Her intent is that each “Personal Treasure” be beautiful, elegant and comfortable to wear.

Prior to working as a jeweler, Phyllis was a textile artist. Her work is in public and private collections and she is a winner of the National Endowment for the Arts Crafts Fellowship. She was awarded a BFA in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Creative Arts from San Francisco State University.

Phyllis began creating jewelry as an adjunct to her private practice as a creative career coach. She was previously director of the Locks Career Center at Moore College of Art and currently serves on the U.S. Board of the Association of Career Professionals International.


Phyllis said...

What a write up! Thanks so much Kalicat.

AlternateBliss Studio said...

How great is it that she's a creativity coach as well! Lovely work.

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