Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The letter K

Kareen is a Tahitienne living in Paris who makes her own beads to incorporate in beautifule jewels inspired mainly by her background.
Here is a little bit about herself, her inspirations and her craft:

Simple girl with dreams of being a jewelry designer in Paris. Finally have a life here; making jewelry and trying to break into the scene. Inspired by life experiences and daily beauty in Paris. Love of travel and adventure create a wide canvas from which to dream and imagine new designs.

handKrafted jewelry designs are my specialty. I use a high temperature propane/oxygen torch and fine Italian (Effetre) glass to make unique beads, then use those beads in hand created sterling silver pieces. All my beads are made free-hand, without a mold. All beads are kiln fired for strength and durability.

Prior to leaving Santa Monica, my jewelry and I were featured on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast.
My mother is from Tahiti, so you will find that many of my pieces include blues and greens....coming nowhere close to the intensity of the colors in paradise.

I spent summers in Tahiti while growing up in LA, and recently received my diving certification while there last year. I hope you enjoy what I create.

"What do I love about my creations?".....I love to wear my jewelry. And, I love that each piece is unique and made by my two hands. I love that it is impossible to duplicate any of my beads, even if I tried

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