Sunday, October 7, 2007

Elements by Dawn Brandt, a line of Jewels

Hello Dawn,

You make beautiful fabricated jewels.
- How did you get started?
Partly out of frustration, partly out of curiosity, partly a need for a creative outlet.
It started when I was searching for a very specific piece of jewelry. I had a picture of what I was looking for in my head: gold filigree and amethyst. However, I didn't like the jewelry being offered in many big-box department stores. It was very pretty...from a distance! Affordable...but cheaply made. So out of curiosity, I started reading and researching the jewelry industry and bought a few hand tools and materials. I dabbled in beads, pearls, and various metals. But something just wasn't right. I did a little soul searching and rediscovered my passion for symmetry, circles, shapes, texture, and lines. In my adolescent years, I wanted to peruse a career in architecture, but it never came to fruition. Creating jewelry is akin to building mini architectural works of art.

- Are your jewels limited editions or unique?
Most of my creations are open editions. However, due to the rarity of vintage beads, I suppose you could say my pieces which feature vintage components are limited. Additionally, since every piece I sell is handmade by me, one at a time, you could also say each piece is unique!

- How long have you been doing it?
I have been officially in business since June 2006, but I have been creating most of my life.

- Where are you from? This is always a tough question.
Here's the short answer: My family originally hails from the Midwest, but I grew-up in Florida. I spent a few years in the Mid-Atlantic and now I’ve returned to my roots in Wisconsin.

- How do you promote your work?
I promote my work on high-traffic blogs that also feature other indie business owners and their craft. I participate in promo-swaps, again with other indie businesses. I'm also fortunate enough to have a few dedicated Elements customers who promote my work by word-of-mouth (thank you!).

- Do you have any advice for budding jewelers?
Find your style! Develop and perfect your own style and then have fun marketing, promoting, meeting other crafters, and developing your business.

- What are your favorite stones/metals?

I love working in Argentium tarnish-resistant sterling silver! It provides such value and convenience to my customers. This new silver alloy is not only tarnish-resistant but mar resistant too. Silver jewelry pieces look like new much longer than traditional sterling silver. I also like working in copper and gold. My favorite gem is the pearl. Pearls are so versatile and inherently classic.

- Anything else you'd like to add?
Be on the lookout for my new 2008 collection tentatively scheduled to be released in November! It will feature a marriage of metals, Argentium silver and solid gold combined to create truly spectacular pieces.

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