Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alaska Hot Doggies

Meet Jodi Hughes of Alaska Hot Doggies, located in (you may have guessed) Alaska, more precisely Anchorage.

Tell us about your home town...
Hometown: Chugiak, Alaska…can u pronounce that? When I was growing up, my family managed a church camp with a beautiful lake that looked a lot like Jason’s famous killing ground. The camp was 1 ½ miles from the nearest house on a dirt road thru the woods. There were dog trails that mushers trained on that crossed the road and cars had to yield to the dog teams.

Are you very young? I am 30 with a silent remainder of 9

Do you create all day? By day, I masquerade as Application Analyst for a large corporation. I take conference calls in my jammies and analyze code without even stepping out of the house! But in order to bring some originality into my world, away from the logical rules, I sneak away from the phone and emails to play in marbling goop! It calms my nerves and helps me feel creative. I get to color outside the lines, unlike my day job!

How did you first get started with crafts / artwork? I started with simple beading projects for myself…taking apart store purchased items and re-doing them more to my liking. My friend, Anthony, got me started shopping at thrift stores. I wanted comforter covers for the house in special colors and pre-made ones where just too expensive. When I was growing up, my mom had made me a customized comforter cover made from 2 sheets, so I did the same except I bought 2 used sheets, dyed them to my liking and stitched them together. TaDa!! Then I started dying everything! I made covers for the furniture, dyed clothes, curtains, EVERYTHING!! I dabbled in free form painting, mainly on clothes. Then I found Dharma Trading’s website with a cool starter kit for marbling. I can’t say that my 1st attempts turned out very well but for some reason I was determined to keep trying…and still am!

How long have you been crafting / making art? Decades…in one form or another. Most of the time my attempts at art never turned out very well. It took me a few years to find my niche.

How long have you been selling your crafts / artwork? Just opened my Etsy shop mid July of 07. This is my 1st attempt to sale my crafts. My family, friends and personal closet space is getting over stocked with my creations! Help me sell so I can continue to create!

What sorts of crafts / artwork do you sell ? I enjoy marbling the most. This last month, I’ve started moving away from regular clothes and moving towards unconvential textiles and other materials. I’ve been experimenting with wood, plastic & glass which have proved to be challenging. I’ve also started marbling different paper items. I recently marbled business card stock that turned out wonderful and really make my business card standout from most.

Which of your items is / was your favorite to make, and why? My favorite project so far has been a pair of Report Seattle sandals. These were a lot of fun to marble. I feel like the pics just don’t do the colors justice.

Another fav I have is a little silk purse. The colors really POPPED on this project.

Do you do custom work? I could. I haven’t any requests and haven’t advertised for that…just waiting for my 1st sale at this point.

Additional Venues? My work was sold at the local ‘Trapper Creek Festival’. I have blog pages & projects pics @
& & I’m in the process of writing an article for the IndiePublic library. This will be a basic introduction on marbling paper. The article will need to be approved by Indie Admin prior to posting. Please check back for status.

Are you a part of any of the Street Teams on Etsy? Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wonder shop for the crafty ones

Meet the team composed by Sarah and Carol Eshelman.

If you like kistch, unusual, vintage and funky, look no further. A real treasure.

- How did you get started? We have always loved creating! We've been involved in collage and altered art for about seven years or so.

- Where are you from? Minnesota

- Are your creations limited editions or unique? A mix: some are open editions; some are limited, and some are one-of-a-kind.

- How long have you been doing it? We have always loved to create! We just opened our Etsy shop in June.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby? Both! :-)

- What inspires you? So many things! In no particular order: vintage games; kitschy cookbook images; Loteria; foreign texts; odd papers; nature.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why? I (Sarah) am happy with the way the ballerina necklace came out. The fuse earrings were really fun to create, too!

- How do you promote your work? We are part of the 90 Features in 90 Days challenge; we have a blog at, and we like hanging out in the Etsy forums.

- Where are you showing your work? Currently on Etsy, and hopefully in other venues soon!

- What is your favorite material? We love as odd papers, foreign texts, Mexican Loteria cards, plastic charms, decoupage...

- Anything else you'd like to add? We've met so many wonderful people through Etsy. It's been such a fun experience, and we're only just beginning! :-)

- Carol's and Sarah's site

Monday, October 29, 2007

quality embroidered gifts at an unbeatable price!

Name: Adrienne Nielsen

Where are you from?
I'm from Spanish Fork, Utah...born and raised in Utah.

Are your creations unique? My creations are unique in that they can all be personalized...but none are limited editions.

Do you have a favorite piece?
My favorite piece that I still have for sale is my Daughter of God bag...I have another bag with "I am a Child of God" on it but I haven't been able to get a good picture to list it yet. I like these pieces because they remind ME of who I am. This is something that I have very strong feelings about.

How do you promote your work?
I go to craft shows (although I'm hoping not to do too many more...they are a LOT of work and I have to leave my kids too long.). We are starting "The Quilted Bear" a permanent craft show type store, the first of set up once and then just maintain it, which will be nice...the store is a big thing here in Utah so I'm hoping it works out. Etsy and my online store and blog are the other places I sell. I just started in Aug. so I'm still new to it all and figuring out what works for us.

I love personalizing cute towels and blankets! I love when I see somebody using our stuff and enjoying it.

Any advice you wish you had been given?
I wish somebody would have told me how much work it would all be! I thought it would all be pretty simple...make our stuff, go to a craft fair (didn't think that one through at all) and sell our stuff like crazy. I have been surprised at how much work goes in to creating our craft alone, let alone setting up websites, promoting product, keeping track of expenses, etc!

My only advice to somebody starting out is it is a lot of work...but if you have something you have been wanting to do and you never try it you will always be wondering if you could have made it! I am a firm believer of just jumping in both feet first and trying things!

Etsy site:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Personal Treasures

Meet Phyllis Mufson Jewelry designer extraordinaire

- How did you get started ?
I've been 'arting' my whole life. An early memory is of sneaking into my holiday presents early because I heard one of my gifts was a coloring book - irresistible. I have a BFA and masters degrees in art and had a career as a textile artist before picking up a bead. My background in textiles influences how I design. I'm very concerned with drape and how the jewelry moves with the body.

- Where are you from? Currently Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born in Brooklyn and lived most of my adult life in San Francisco.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique? 95 percent are unique - one-of-a-kind, the rest are small limited editions. 5 is big for me.

- How long have you been doing it? I’ve been making jewelry about 3 years.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
This is a business that I do professionally, and I'm also self-employed (for 20+ years) as a career consultant and coach for creative people. My website for that is There’s more background on me at that site under the Profile section.

- What inspires you? I'm inspired by the stones I work with and the challenge of creating something fluid and flattering for someone to wear. I also really enjoy having a business and am inspired by the challenge of developing an online business. That’s new to me although I’ve been in business most of my life.

- What is your favorite piece and why? - What is your favorite material? I’m usually in love with whatever I just completed. I like designing and get excited by solving visual design problems. I went on a massive gem shopping spree to prepare for the holidays so I have lots of interesting new stones to work with in the weeks ahead.

- How do you promote your work? Where are you showing your work? In addition to ETSY I sell through trunk shows in people’s homes and offices and at a lovely boutique in Center City Philadelphia called Suzanne Roberts.

Well I'm new at the online store world, but I imagine that marketing basics are still valid. So, figure out who your ideal customer is (she's often someone a lot like you), know what she wants, what's important to her and how she likes to shop - and then deliver it. I'm still figuring this out for my stores.

Phyllis Mufson’s jewelry consists of one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces created in her Philadelphia studio. She carefully selects beautiful, unusual, semi-precious stones and pearls from gem dealers in Hong Kong, mainland China and India, and crafts them with sterling silver, gold-filled and vermeil beads to create each piece. Her intent is that each “Personal Treasure” be beautiful, elegant and comfortable to wear.

Prior to working as a jeweler, Phyllis was a textile artist. Her work is in public and private collections and she is a winner of the National Endowment for the Arts Crafts Fellowship. She was awarded a BFA in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Creative Arts from San Francisco State University.

Phyllis began creating jewelry as an adjunct to her private practice as a creative career coach. She was previously director of the Locks Career Center at Moore College of Art and currently serves on the U.S. Board of the Association of Career Professionals International.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lovely lavender hearts and tartan treats from Scotland!

Zoe Stewart designs lovely lavender hearts and Gifts with a Scottish flair, are they inspired by Nessie, the famous Loch Ness monster? Let's find out.

- How did you get started ? I heard about etsy from a friend and after uni I decided I might as well use my degree, I'm working with the prince's trust too,

- Where are you from? originally Edinburgh, but I live in North Yorkshire just now with my husband, only for the year, cant wait to get back to Edinburgh

- Are your creations limited editions or unique? some are unique and some WILL be limted editions, I don't use patterns for my tartan creatures, so theyre all different, which make them special

- How long have you been doing it? I have only had my etsy shop a few months, but been sewing and making things since ever I can remember,

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby? It was a hobby, but where we live there isn't a great deal of work, and i would love it to be a profession full time but its not really gonna happen soon enough, its so hard to get yourself noticed!

- What inspires you? People ask me this a lot, children, i work in the local nursery and the kids do some fantastic drawings there, i get them to draw me funny monsters and they love it when they see the ones ive made...... the eyes crack me up everytime!

- What is your favorite piece and why? it has to be henry, he makes me giggle everytime i see him, he sits on this big old fancy chair we have, its great, he does look quite at home and if he doesnt sell by christmas i think i might just be tempted to keep him!

- How do you promote your work? I am on various websites including etsy and i am just learning how to promote myself, i leave business cards everywhere i possibly can, loo's service stations, phone boxes, shops, photobooths, and hand them out to everyone i meet, its actually quite fun

- Where are you showing your work? my work is only shown on my etsy, theres not really many places around here to exhibit it or stick it without a great deal of fee's and its more than I can afford, so I use etsy every minue I can

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started? list something everyday, have a clear studio, and promote, if I knew now my things would be much more organised lol

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists? same as above really, promote at every given opportunity!

- Anything else you'd like to add? Tea makes the world go round, and nothing is as bad as it seems, we all wait fo that first sale or the big sale and it will come, no one has the slightest cluewhen, but one day..... soon!

Her site
Her blog

Friday, October 26, 2007

CryZZZZZZZZZZtals by Beth Alexander

Oh and what's with the "Z" in Cryztalvisions? It's an homage to one of her wonderful teachers who pronounced crystals: "creezzztals"

- Where are you from?
I've lived all over the United States and also lived in Cairo, Egypt for a time. I currently reside in California.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
Most of my pieces are one-of-kind, I also have some very limited edition designs. I've never liked mass produced jewelry, and get bored too easily to keep making the same design over and over.

- How long have you been doing it?
I've been crafting in one form or fashion since I was 10 years old. I've been creating jewelry for more than 20 years now.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
This is my passion and has become my profession.

- What inspires you?
My best inspirations always come from nature whether it's a walk through the woods, or a visit to the beach, I always come back to my workshop refreshed and full of new ideas. I also find inspiration in the materials I work with. Sometimes all I need to do is spread out some gemstones and I start to envision new designs, it's as if some pieces actually design themselves.

- What is your favorite piece and why?

Hmmm. That's a hard one. Each new design usually becomes my favorite for a while. It's hard to see some of them go, but I know they will bring beauty and happiness to their new owner so I send them happily on their way. Currently I still really like the "Tree of Life Pendant".
The tree was drawn free form and has a large spiral taproot. I used Precious Metal Clay from a syringe to create the tree. The background has a wonderful starry night type texture, and the tiny dichroic glass cabochon reminds me of the full moon peeking through the branches. The whole piece was kiln fired, leaving behind pure fine silver (.999 FS). I added a patina to the piece to accentuate the tree and background texture.

- How do you promote your work?
Word of mouth
online advertising
local advertising
participation in local guilds and organizations
Through Social networking sites like: myspace, facebook, flickr, Indiepublic, etc.
Participation in online communities
I always wear my designs in public and carry my business cards with me at all times. I've made a lot of sales this way.

- Where are you showing your work?
My work is currently only in my online store and now on Etsy. I also show at San Francisco Bay Area Arts & Crafts fairs

- What is your favorite material?
I'm always exploring new techniques and materials. Currently I'm passionate about precious metal clay and all the fabulous things I can do with it.

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
No matter what you do or how skilled you are at your craft, there will be people who are attracted to it and people who are repelled by it. In any case, don't take it too personally. Stay true to yourself and follow your passion. When you do, everything else falls into alignment.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?
Resist the urge to under price your work in order to make a sale or "compete" with others. There is great value in your knowledge, skill, time, and creativity. There are plenty of people out there who value quality, original, handmade items and will pay fair value for them. It can take time to build your customer base, but once you do you will have loyal return customers who truly appreciate what you do. If you are just starting out try to find things you can create in a range of prices, this can help get your sales going and will eventually lead to the sale of your larger ticket items.

- Anything else you'd like to add?
I'm very happy to have found the wonderful community of people that have been drawn to Etsy. I've made so many new friends there the past few weeks. Etsy offers a vast, deep pool of creativity; it really is remarkable. Spend some time exploring all the wonderful handmade treasures, you'll be glad you did and I bet you won't leave without purchasing something wonderful.

- the site: and
- her blog:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crocheted Cartoons

An interview with Amanda, master crocheter and talented individual.

- How did you get started ?***I taught myself to crochet when I was about 19 years old.

- Where are you from?***Michigan.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?***Some of my items I am sure I will never re-create. Others I could make again if I want to try to sell more or if someone specially requests something.

- How long have you been doing it?***I have not been selling items long, but I have been crocheting for about 6 years and giving crocheted afghans and other items to my loved ones as gifts.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?***I would love to be a professional, but for now this is just a hobby that I love.

- What inspires you?***God, my husband, my family.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?***I really love all of my crocheted flapper hats. They are so comfy, funky, and stylish.

- How do you promote your work?***I find it hard to promote my work. I mostly write on my blog and rely on spreading the word through family and friends.

- Where are you showing your work?***I have never 'shown' my work at a craft fair or other show, but I hope to be able to do something like that in the future.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?***To do something you love and don't do anything you don't love just because you think it will make you money. If you don't love it, it's not worth it.

- anything else you'd like to add?***Just that I appreciate anyone who browses through my shop! Hopefully there is something there for everyone :)

- Her site:, her Blog

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Rose by Name...

Anna is the creative mind of "A Rose by Name". She is passionate about bead weaving with delica beads.

- How did you get started ?
I started beading with my daughters when they were little. We made pony bead critters for their school backpacks and it just all evolved from there.

- Where are you from? NE Ohio.

- Are your creations seasonal?
No, I'm a year-round beader!

- How long have you been doing it?
I can't remember exactly when I started beading, but it's probably been over 10 years.

- Are you a professional or is this a hobby?
It's a passion, but it doesn't pay the bills, so I have to work, too.

- What inspires you?
Anything and everything. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true.

- What is your favorite smell?
Favorite smell...cinnamon toast.

- How do you promote your business?
I promote by wearing some of my pieces, blogging, street teams, bead groups, handing out business cards, working on this or that project whenever I'm someplace public. It's nice that beading is so portable.

- Where are you showing/selling your work?
I sell to friends here at home and on Etsy. I haven't done any shows or fairs.

- What is your favorite product and why?
Delica beads are probably my favorite. Since beadweaving is my favorite technique, Delicas are the perfect bead for me.

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
That you would have to spend as much time promoting your work as you spend creating!

Visit her blog

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

K- Ah la la !

Karen Jinks is a multi talented artist who takes amazing photographs and makes dreamy artworks.

How did you get started ?
I've always been creating, even as a young child, my mum used have me do drawings and cards for family birthdays and I used to enter all the arty competitions at school and I went on to study illustration at college. It's very much part of who I am. But my business as it is now didn't get going until the birth of my son eight years ago when friends of mine asked me to make their wedding stationery for them. My brother helped me build my first website and I've never looked back.

Where are you from?
Cambridge, UK

What inspires you?
Anything and everything inspires me - the changing seasons, my children, other artists work, photography, books, music, as an illustrator you have to have your eyes and ears open all the time.

what is your favorite medium?
Paper. The prettier the better. And my acrylic paints. And my computer, I would be lost without it.

How do you promote your business?
I network. Heavily. I can spend as much time on the internet marketing my site as I do creating. I also advertise a lot locally, do leaflet drops, place adverts in local magazines, give business cards to friends and family, do the odd craft fair if I have time.

Where are you showing/selling your work?
I am a member of the Cambridge Open Studios so exhibit regularly as part of that and I also sell on my own websites

What is your favorite artwork and why?
I'm not sure I have a favourite piece at the moment, I'm very much in a transitional stage with my painting. I know where I want to be but haven't figured out how to get there yet!

What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
Do you have any advice for fellow artists
Believe in yourself. If you don't believe in your work then no one else will.
Get properly organised, present yourself simply and well and network network network. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and introduce yourself to people. And acquire a thick skin. Rejection shouldn't be taken personally and is part of the world we artists live in. Work hard and you will start to see results.

Will I get a discount or freebies?
I have a promotional offer of 15% off orders over £25 running throughout November for (for UK customers) and so look out for details!

But what is YOUR home like, full of your creations?
Actually no, I don't put my own work up in my home, I see it all day as it is!

For mor info, visit her Blog:

Monday, October 22, 2007

SAHM to one gorgeous little girl and Very Busy!

Hello Becki Rasmussen,

- How did you get started ?
A few years ago I was trying to work from home and ordered an earrings making pattern. I decided that the pattern was dated and the colors didn't work so I started experimenting with colors and designs, before long I was making necklaces bracelets and sold my first necklace to the first person who saw it!

- Where are you from? Originally Nebraska but moved to Utah when I was a child

- Are your creations seasonal? Yes and no...I think mostly it depends on my mood.

- How long have you been doing it? About 4 years ago

- Are you a professional or is this a hobby? I am a professional hobbiest :D I have alot of creative outlets I dont create my work to make money (its a plus) But I am happy so long as one person tells me they love it!

- What inspires you?
nature, water, fish (my aquarium), life, my child, and anything vintage!

- How do you promote your business?
right now mostly on etsy, Life has taken us for a rather rough ride so my business has been a bit on the back burner...I still come here every day to put at least an hour a day into my babies!

- Where are you showing/selling your work?
Right now just on etsy, There are going to be local boutiques and a farmers market coming in the new year!

- What is your favorite product and why?
I have SO many favorites! It changes every day which one I choose as my favorite. Today this one seems to be coming back in for me! This is one of my favorites because its so versatile! It truly is the go anywhere and everywhere necklace! I wear it all the time personally!

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
Nothing really in particular I am self taught so just the little tricks of the trade I have picked up along the way would have been nice!

- Do you have any advice for fellow designers? Relax dont force it, remember you are creating as art not to please others!

- Will I get a discount or freebies?
If you mention the 90 day challenge You will get free shipping as well as 15% off your order!
Yeah!!!! Way to go :)

- Anything else you'd like to add?
If you like what you see leave me a heart (on etsy)! I am thrilled to get new ones!

- Her sites: ,
- Her blog

Sunday, October 21, 2007

OOAK Designer: Linda Chandler

It runs in the blood.

Linda Chandler began making jewelry even as a child and grew up designing and handcrafting one of a kind pieces. She is inspired from designs of nature to basic functional pieces and combines the two into literal works of art. Linda is a master craftsman in many facets of jewelry making. Whether it be silversmithing intricate filigree designs, weaving wire into almost impossible patterns or stone setting, her foremost enjoyment comes from the design to finish of her amazing pieces.
Linda has been a vendor on Etsy for well over a year and finds it a welcome change from The traditional Art Show scene that she spent many years taking part in. She feels that Etsy is a wonderful and lucritive avenue in which to share your designs, meet fellow artisans, and share tips and techniques. Watch for her latest designs on Etsy as she is continually adding them to share with her following of buyers that enjoy her amazing work.

You can see more of her work on: Jewelry by Linda,

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Art Therapy? Excellent for broken hearts

It is a "good thing" that Abbi Carrico got her heart broken a few years ago, Look at the way she mended it! With creativity and Oh, it looks just so nice...

So, Abbi, tell me: How did you get started ? I went through a nasty breakup in 2004 and it became the best art therapy ever. I've been a plier wielding maniac ever since!

- Are your creations limited editions or unique? Both. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. The only pieces I recreate are some of the more basic chainmaille chains and earrings. All my gemstone creations are originals.

- How long have you been doing it? Since Summer of 2004
- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby? Sort of an obsession, really. I work full time during the week, but creating is my full time night/weekend job. If I don't do it, I get pretty cranky.

- Where are you from? Smack in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest VA. The New River Valley, to be exact.

- How do you promote your work? I use just about every free/low cost website on Earth to promote, I work shows and festivals, I network with local shops and galleries and I give a card to anyone that shows remote interest in a piece I'm wearing: the movie store clerk, the receptionists at my doctor's offices, my mom's co-workers, MY co-workers. I also plaster my flyers and cards on any and all free bulletin boards in shops, grocery stores, etc. So, I guess you could say that I promote pretty shamelessly.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists? Stand behind your work. People will take note of the pride you have in it and they'll appreciate that. Don't ever stop looking for your niche, either. We all have one waiting to be found.

- Anything else you'd like to add? I'm a sushi addict, I love animals (I have a total soft spot for tabby cats and big doggies), Halloween is my favorite holiday and Autumn's my favorite time of year, I come from crafty parents and I'm an only child

- For more, just visit Abbi's websites:,
Her blog

Friday, October 19, 2007

Skincare for Sensitive Skins


How did you get started ?I have sensitive skin so I researched and made skincare products that are safe for sensitive skin...and Vegan!

Where are you from?Pennsylvania, USA

Are your creations seasonal?A color for every season...

How long have you been doing it?A few years..

Are you a professional or is this a hobby? Pro..
What inspires you? It is so rewarding to be able to produce skincae that is safe for sensitive skin.

What is your favorite smell? own scent..

How do you promote your business? Through craft fairs, web, promotional offers where I gathered willing participant's address and sent product plus paid for shipping! (worldwide)-
Where are you showing/selling your work? Anywhere I can..

What is your favorite product and why? My son's products: 'Made By Timmy/Awareness' are my favorite products. I am teaching him business and how to manage his money. He is autistic but high-functioning..

What advice you wish someone had told you when you started? Not to befriend anyone in the trade..although I have made great friends in the cosmetic industry. One company has asked me to be their sole moderator in their forums. now I'm everyone's Go-to-Gal!..It gives my shop great exposure, too!

Do you have any advice for fellow cosmetic and beauty sellers ? Advice for fellow cosmetic sellers: Stand behind your product..
Will I get a discount or freebies? I always give a plethora of goodies with all of my purchases. Keep a look out for when I host a giveaway. I pay for shipping, too!

Any advice for smelling great and looking fab? Less is MORE. Start slow and you'll be OK. This applies with perfume AND mineral makeup. You want to attract, not repell..

Will I look absolutely stunningly gorgeous when I use your products? You'll look natural and you will feel much better about what you see in the mirror.

Anything else you'd like to add? ADVICE for the buyer: Read you labels! Stay AWAY from products that have Bismuth Oxychloride. It is kin to arsenic. Stay away from products that have rice flour, talc, oil, wax, perfume. these are all skin irritants for people with sensitive skin and are of no cosmetic benefit...

Ingredients: Mica, Zinc, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. No oil, talc, fillers, fragrance or bismuth oxychloride (which is kin to arsenic).No expiration date. No allergy risk. Does NOT clog pores. Helps heal acne. Anti-inflammatory, very soothing for your skin.Perfect after chemical peels, laser resurfacing and to conceal acne, freckles, post-operative scars, rosacea, skin discoloration & veins. Skincare, fragrance and air fresheners are now available. Please check out Made By Timmy/Awareness Section, too!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adorn me Beautifully

Bonnie J Rounds (or BJ Rounds) does just that. She creates beautiful jewels to adorn yourself with, called Adornments by BJ

Let's ask her a few questions :
- How did you get started ?
I bought my grandaughter a start up kit for jewelry making and she wasn't interested, so I decided to try it out. Got hooked and the rest if history!

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
I consider my designs/creations unique.

- How long have you been doing it?
About 2 years but on Etsy for 14 months.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
I consider myself a professional artist and have affiliations with artist groups.

- Where are you from?
Bellevue, WA for 23 years and then Wausau, WI for 28 yrs, then Franklin, TN for 11 yrs.

- How do you promote your work?
I post my photos on several sites; blog, business cards, my shop name and Etsy on the back of my suv, flyers, friends, family...

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?
Persistance and promotion and alot of patience! Just keep those creative juices flowing and always try new styles, ideas, materials, etc

- On Blogging :
I blog on many different sites: blogspot, myspace, flickr, tribe (mostly on MySpace)
My MySpace URL is and I just opened a shop on Ruby Lane: and I'm also on as BJ's Adornments; profile URL is and I'm on IndiePublic (­/AdornmentsbyBJ ) and IndieCollective, also (

Wow! So many venues, that's great.

- Anything else you'd like to add?
Have passion for your art and you will have extraordinary results in your creations.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The letter K

Kareen is a Tahitienne living in Paris who makes her own beads to incorporate in beautifule jewels inspired mainly by her background.
Here is a little bit about herself, her inspirations and her craft:

Simple girl with dreams of being a jewelry designer in Paris. Finally have a life here; making jewelry and trying to break into the scene. Inspired by life experiences and daily beauty in Paris. Love of travel and adventure create a wide canvas from which to dream and imagine new designs.

handKrafted jewelry designs are my specialty. I use a high temperature propane/oxygen torch and fine Italian (Effetre) glass to make unique beads, then use those beads in hand created sterling silver pieces. All my beads are made free-hand, without a mold. All beads are kiln fired for strength and durability.

Prior to leaving Santa Monica, my jewelry and I were featured on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast.
My mother is from Tahiti, so you will find that many of my pieces include blues and greens....coming nowhere close to the intensity of the colors in paradise.

I spent summers in Tahiti while growing up in LA, and recently received my diving certification while there last year. I hope you enjoy what I create.

"What do I love about my creations?".....I love to wear my jewelry. And, I love that each piece is unique and made by my two hands. I love that it is impossible to duplicate any of my beads, even if I tried

Buy Jewelry, , Visit her site and Read her Blog
Come on, you know you wnat to.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am going to be DVINE...

...Well, even more than I already am

Have you noticed Janice's shop? Just the name makes me dream.
It's called DVINE Body. Just like the song.

It looks and smells Gorgeous.
Cannot resist asking her some questions.

- How did you get started?
I got started very young... at the age of 5 my beloved grandma gave me knitting needles and some yarn and the rest is history. There isn't a craft that I don't LOVE... I respect all who share this passion/obsession. The only down side is trying to fund all the wonderful crafts I want to try (which is ALL of them)!

- Where are you from?
Originally Brooklyn, NY now I live in Pennsylvania

- Are your creations seasonal?
Some of them are, I create delicious skincare items that are perfect for the warmer weather with tanning and dehydrating the skin; scrubs, foot scrubs and healing/regenerative oils are perfect, and then there are others that are for the harsh and cold winters when skin is thirsty and dry like more emollient lotions.

- How long have you been doing it?
I have been an Aromatologist for a little over 3 years but crafting for a lifetime.

- Are you a professional or is this a hobby?
Both, I am a web designer by trade but I take my skincare and body product line very seriously by researching and creating new items all the time.

- What inspires you?
I am inspired by anyone brave enough to create something unique and SHARE it with the world... that takes guts and am humbled by the amazing talent that I've found on etsy.

- What is your favorite smell?
Wow, this is a hard one cause there are soooo many. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between a few: Lavendar, Neroli, Chamomile Roman, Patchouli, Lemon Verbena, Peppermint and Black Spruce.
- How do you promote your business?
I get on forums, myspace, and list as many places as possible.

- Where are you showing/selling your work?
Cosmetics, and
WOW,great list!

- What is your favorite product and why?
Wow, another hard one… hmmm I use so many of them daily that it is hard to choose. I’d have to say my facial cleanser and toner called YOUthful-Glow because it’s my face and that is important to me.

- What advice do you wish someone had told you when you started?
Do research and find your market. I kind of spread out my line a bit hoping to reach many different people with different needs and sometimes it’s just best to keep things simple on start up.

- Do you have any advice for fellow cosmetic and beauty sellers?
Research your raw ingredients and remember this is going onto someone’s skin… which is the largest organ in the body, do treat it with tender, loving care. I do my best to keep things pure, simple and as organic as possible.

- Will I get a discount or freebies?
Of course… I always give at least 1 sample sometimes more… there’s no way to smell the delicious aroma or feel how wonderful it feels on your skin over the internet (but I do hope that is available one day) so I throw in a treat or 2 for you to try.

- But what is YOUR body like?
Ummm… not like the picture in my logo that’s for sure. I’m working hard at it now for about 6 weeks but it’s a work in progress.

- Any advice for smelling great and looking fab?
YES, choose your products carefully! It is not about the price when it comes to skincare it’s about the quality. Some people comment to me that they can get a product like mine in a Dollar Store??? I think NOT, you may THINK it is the same but ingredient for ingredient it is always a major difference. Care enough about yourself to buy the very best, that is why I chose to create my own now you can enjoy my research, knowledge and effort.

- Phone number and details of the male model please...
LOL???? I was waiting for the laugh!!!
Argh, Pity, I'll have to ask another time again .

- Will I look like the models when I use your products?
Well, if you did (Of course I do) before you used my product then you certainly will after :) just smoother, softer and with a more healthy glow.

- Anything else you'd like to add Janice?
I just adore Cat… she is the smile and laugh in my day! So glad we met :)

Me blushing...I love being Adored.
Thankyou for this great interview Janice, and watch out my glowing and radiant skin.
- Her blog

Truly Unique Pottery and Jewels

An interview with Joanna Jorgensen, creative mind of Jorgensenstudio

I started throwing pottery in high school. My high school had everything a Tv station, radio airtime, an early learning center for little kids that high schoolers got to teach in, and the most incredible pottery studio. I took two semesters, but then went on with life.
After I had my youngest daughter, I was a stay at home mom with three kids a desperately needed to get out for some "grown-up" time. I started taking weekly pottery classes through the local continuing education programs. I fell in love with clay again. I kept at it this time getting better and taking more classes, and meeting some really fantastic people.
I heard about silver clay through the clay world and was immediately intrigued. I started working with it, but I just wasn't able to do all that I wanted with it. I found metalsmithing and fabrication classes at a local art museum and then I was really hooked. I have recently started integrating pieces of my pottery into my jewelry and love exploring the two mediums.

I was born in Wisconsin, raised just north of Chicago (go Bears!) and have kept moving south until I landed here in Florida.

I have both limited editions and unique items. I enjoy both. It tests my skills more to be able to remake a piece once its finished. It makes me a better silversmith. The unique pieces become like children and I am always sad to see them go.

I have been working with clay for 10 years and metalsmithing for 3 years.

I consider myself a professional artist now, it was hard to make that transition in my own mind and call myself an artist. I wish that I didn't need to supplement the artist's income, but I still need too!

I am inspired by the forms in nature, but mostly I am inspired by the materials and the fun I have when I get to play with them.

The little Iris earrings in my shop I love, and wear a pair all the time. They are simple, classic, and elegant. I think that represents my personality the best.

I promote my work as many places as I can, on indiepublic,, myspace, and by purchasing advertising on the web and in print when I am able. I try to be an active member of the Etsy community. I join artist groups that network. I submit my work for exhibitions and send press releases to my local papers. I also hand out moo cards to anyone I can, and get my friends to do them same!

I can't say I have a favorite technique. I do like to play with fire, so for the pottery side Raku is a definite favorite and soldering for the jewelry side.

I wish someone had told me to believe in myself. That is the most important thing. I value myself, my time, and my art. It took a while to get to that point.
Oh, and also to keep learning, taking classes and workshops and learning new skills. It is very important to keep growing. My last class was a gem cutting class and I found that it was like meditating it was so mind clearing.

I find it very important to me to promote not only my work but the handcrafted work of others. Not only does it help your local economy, but it keeps the trade deficit down!
I feel it is very important to support art and craft in a society, it makes us all better. I rally my representatives locally to keep art in the schools. Art teaches math, history, critical thinking, and problem solving. It brings us together in a personal way as a buyer and seller that a mass produced item cannot.

To know more about Joanna, visit her blog

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Karen Copeland - Couture!

Hello Karen!

- How did you get started ?
My grandmother taught me to sew when I was about 4 or 5

- Where are you from?
Opp, Alabama

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
Some of both actually

- How long have you been doing it?
I've been sewing since I was 4 or 5, but I've been sewing for others for about 30 years

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
That's a really difficult question...I don't look at it as a "job", but it is definately more than a hobby.

- What inspires you?
Fabrics! Most fabrics just sort of "speak" to me and "tell" me what they should be made into!

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?
Well, my favorite would probably have to be the memory quilts that I make for people. I love taking their photos and putting them with special fabrics to tell their life story.

- How do you promote your work?
Word of mouth has always been my best promotion, but I also give out business cards, promote in the forums here at Etsy, blog, myspace,, and local ISP classifieds.

- Where are you showing your work?
I do a few craft shows each year, and I also have a room set up at home where the "locals" can come by. Of course there's also my Etsy shop!

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?
Not to be affraid to price my items in a way that I actually "made" something! I used to be notorious for underpricing my items because I was affraid people would not buy them otherwise.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?
Never give up! Enjoy what you do!

- Her site -
- Her blog -

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Plastic Pumpkin - such a misleading name ..

What do you first think of when you see this name?

Well, with Halloween around the corner, I think Big Orange Pumpkin.


I should have thought mainly of delicate Chinese brush paintings LOL

Ren Adams is an Artist located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).

He offers fun, philosophical, and intriguing artwork and crafts for the discerning (and playful) collector.

He works in quite a variety of mediums: mixed media assemblages, pencil, marker, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil pastel, pen & ink, etc. as he finds something special and engaging about each artistic method and takes every medium seriously.

For Ren, art is a state of mind and a fulfilling pathway.

He says "I can't NOT do it. I simply must. If I'm not drawing, painting, or otherwise expressing myself (however badly), I'm not in harmony with everything around me.Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window... it's pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light.I explore themes, people, and places that intrigue me..."

Also a Taoist, the artworks reflects his spiritual pathway (the art of compassion, simplicity, and patience).

This talented Taoist enjoys artists who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Check this blog:

also custom orders, so don't be afraid to ask! You can purchase some original or limited edition artworks here.

teamwork - Bridgette and Mike

Dedicated to create happiness.
"We are here to create happiness. We strive to bring out the creativity and imagination in you. Our first and foremost goal is to make you, the client completely pleased, not only with our product but with our service. We will do everything we can to make this process a smooth and pleasurable experience for you. "

All sort of wonderful stationnery, cards, journals and even magnets, many being screen printed by hand.

All very stylish and quite affordable.
An ideal outlet to stock on the fabulous item your heart desires.

They LOVE CUSTOM WORK! If you are looking for something specific, or just want a personalized design, feel free to contact them for custom pricing and information. They do custom birthday cards too!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Funky Art and Jewelry to adorn your body and home!

Ever thought of wearing pendants with your favorite images?
This is one of the things Yasmin has been proposing for over a year now.
- Her site -

- How did you get started ?
I’ve been painting and drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My mother made everything…our clothes, costumes for Halloween, cards for holidays. Even our Christmas tree got recycled. Mom would use the dry pine needles to stuff pillows and my dad would carve a nativity scene for the next Christmas. When you grow up without money you are forced to be creative.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
Eventually I’d love to do prints or limited editions but for now all of my pieces are unique…a little piece of me, if you will : )

- How long have you been doing it?
I’ve been selling my artwork online for a little over a year.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
Listen up fellow artists…the first time someone gives you money for your work it is no longer a hobby. You are
now a professional and don’t let anyone tell you different.

- Where are you from?
I’m born and raised on the Jersey Shore. A place where they say you either kick ass or get your ass kicked. That’s the philosophy we grow up with and it toughens you up quick. (I totally understand if you don’t use that quote : )I also lived and went to art school in Los Angeles which is quite opposite of Jersey but I love it there too. I plan to retire in LA.

- How do you promote your work?
I do what I call “subversive and guerilla marketing”. I work a 9-5 job in a very very corporate environment so I combine traditional marketing techniques with my creative quest for attention. I have a couple cool ideas that I have tried that really do work:

1. Page yourself when you are at the airport. Let people get used to hearing your name. Try this at the mall too.
2. Leave your business card and a sample (if you can afford it) when you leave a tip for your waiter or waitress. Don’t forget to leave an actual tip too. It’s mean to stiff the wait staff.
3. Include your business card or flyer when you mail your bills. Hello??? You don’t even have to pay for postage!
4. Make up a bumper sticker with your website and put it on your car
5. Comment on blogs and always leave your site name.
I’m also writing a book with a bunch of my crazy marketing ideas so stay tuned.

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?
Don’t listen to those idiots that say it’s impossible to make a living from art. Those people are jealous because you are doing what you love and they are sad little sheep trapped in a claustrophobic cubicle. They wish they had the guts to be you.

- anything else you'd like to add?
Believe in what you do. A true artist is independent of the opinion of others. Do your thing and laugh all the way to the bank!

Isn't she just right? Visit her shop for your own special pendant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coconuts, Palm trees... everything I dream of

A few words with Joanne Abrahams the creativity of CoconutPalmDesigns
She makes amazing signs with Belizean hard or soft woods.

- How did you get started ?
I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I began making signs out of wood only last year when I decided to make my niece a sign of her name for Christmas. Following that I designed and made a welcome sign for my brother and his wife. That went over so well my brother begged me to make a variety of other welcome signs for him to sell in Jamaica. I found that I really enjoyed working with wood more than any of the other mediums I've tried and so when I found out about Etsy I just had to join.

- Where are you from?
I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have lived in Kingston, Jamaica, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and now I live in Belize, Central America.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?
My creations are limited editions.

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?
Right now this is a hobby but I have plans for it to turn into a fulltime business.

- What inspires you?
This is always such a hard question to answer. Everything and nothing inspires me. I design mostly based on what I am designing, who it's for or where it's for.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?
My favorite sign is the Zig Zag Welcome Sign. I love the way the colors ended up working so well together. It's the simplest of my current signs but to me it's the most aesthetically pleasing.

- How do you promote your work?
I promote my work on the Etsy forums, through my blog, through word of mouth, family and friends and also my brother, in Jamaica, is a wholesaler so he markets them for me there.

- Joanne is showing and selling her work on etsy. Check her shop out. You may find just what you need.
a little selection great for Halloween :)

- anything else you'd like to add?
I love working with people to do custom orders. It's always so exciting for me to see someone's idea come alive.

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